X0PA AI Unveils New Inclusive Hiring Features on its AI-Enabled Recruitment Platform

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X0PA AI Unveils New Inclusive Hiring Features on its AI-enabled Recruitment Platform
May 21, 2021

X0PA AI announces the Inclusive Hiring feature that removes up to 80% of biases in hiring.

X0PA AI announces the Inclusive Hiring feature on X0PA’s AI Recruiter platform to tackle the problem of bias in current hiring and selection processes. 

The Inclusive Hiring feature utilizes ethical artificial intelligence in its components to reduce up to 80% of biases in hiring processes, opening the door to diversity and inclusion in HR practices. When using the AI Recruiter platform, recruiters can enable Inclusive Hiring which includes features such as:

  1. CV Masking – Candidate personal information are masked to increase focus on the candidate’s capabilities instead of their personal information.
  2. Skill-based Shortlisting – The system focuses on hiring candidates with relevant skillsets rather than for factors such as their education or social background, ethnicity or gender, just to mention a few.
  3. Objective Reference Checks – X0PA’s objective approach removes subjectivity from references.
  4. Video Masking – masking X0PA AI’s video responses on X0PA ROOM, an AI-enriched  video interview platform, until it is rated by prospective employers, focusing recruiter’s attention on the content.
  5. The Big Data-based Scientific approach – X0PA boasts of over 14m proprietary test data and testing its algorithms on over 100m profiles across industries and regions, to make AI scoring objective and scalable.

“The Inclusive Hiring feature will drastically remove the percentage of biases that occur in current HR hiring processes helping organisations to create better and more inclusive teams to benefit both organisations and individuals. We are committed to ethical AI and these additional features help our clients take even bigger strides towards inclusive hiring.”

- Nina Alag Suri, Founder and CEO of X0PA AI

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Designation: Creative Writer at X0PA AI
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Singapore headquartered, X0PA AI is a B2B SaaS company that helps in talent acquisition, hiring, assessment and related areas that use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. X0PA AI combines this technology with automation for accurate, objective and efficient hiring at scale. X0PA AI has other offices across India, UAE, UK. X0PA AI is recognized by IDC as one of four innovative companies in Asia-Pacific that provides Artificial Intelligence-powered automation solutions and is a partner of Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Intel and Nvidia.
X0PA Is a strategic partner of Microsoft and the company has developed cloud-based tools and products to enhance the hiring process and selection processes for government, academia and enterprises.

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