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AI-Enabled, On Demand Video Interviewing platform that enables admissions officers to seamlessly invite and pre-screen students.
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for Colleges

  • Randomised or fixed questions
  • Set deadlines for video completion
  • Set time limits for each answer
  • Enable or disable retakes
  • Invite students
  • Set review parameters
  • Allow multiple reviewers
  • Customised to your college branding
  • Video, Audio or Text answer choices
  • Anti cheat feature


for Students

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Guided pre-interview setup
  • Secured login through OTP
  • Mobile and desktop device compatibility
  • Replay and review answers
  • Email notification upon video completion

Post-Interview Analytics

  • AI-Enabled analytics
  • Video transcript
  • Complete Analytics Dashboard
  • Answer content text analytics based on choice of words, expression etc