XOPA AI for Admissions

How to Identify the Best Fit Applicant for each program in an Objective Manner?

Customized Digital Application Process

X0PA automates the application process to a large extent to improve the efficiency of the administrator and enhance the experience of the applicant. The highly curated, digital application form enhances an applicant’s experience and does wonders for an institutes branding.

Evaluation of Candidates

Using our platform, you minimise the time invested in going through the huge volume of applications, with the aid of the AI-enabled engine and the use of video interviews.

Each candidate’s application is evaluated objectively based on a holistic profile including interests, motivations, career aspirations and skill sets to ensure best fit applicants get assigned to best fit subject choices. This enhances student satisfaction with a lower dropout rate and successful alumni in the future.

Powerful Predictive Analytics
End to end tracking and insight generation.
One of the significant benefits of using our platform is that it saves you a substantial amount of time by automating mundane tasks and allowing you to focus on the most important aspect of this selection process.

Users’ suggestions are gathered to enable us to enhance our services. To establish and promote transparency, an automated feedback loop enables continuous improvements based on users’ suggestions and opinions. 


The feedback is analysed and implemented to guarantee both parties are satisfied at the end of the day.

IHLS can set up asynchronous video interview questions for candidates to answer in their own time. Administrators can view responses, provide feedback and ratings and decide to engage further with the applicant. These interviews can be recorded or live. See  X0PA ROOM for more details.

Online written assessments such as verbal ability, numerical ability, personality tests, psychometrics, situational judgement tests and abstract tests are conducted to measure the capabilities of the applicants.

Ethical AI

At X0PA, we are proud of the fact that we are using one of our most sensitive technologies for good: bringing people together with the jobs they want and the organizations that want them.

Maximised retention and performance

Hiring the best possible candidates will ensure both company and employees are happy, leading to improved performance, job satisfaction, and ultimately retention.

Equal Opportunities

Our AI and algorithms use objective, scientific data when matching candidates with jobs, ensuring fairness, equal opportunities, and transparency in the process.

Streamlined hiring process

Recruitment can be a painstaking, time-consuming, and costly process. Our process is automated, fast, objective, and efficient.


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