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Recruitment Software backed by
Patented AI Algorithms

Skill based candidate sourcing, job matching & recommendations, attrition & performance prediction.

Product Screen
Product Screen

End-to-End Interview
Workflow Automation

Complete recruitement process autiomation – from job posting to interview schedulers and automated candidate emails.

Best-in-class Virtual Interview
Expeirence with X0PA Room 2.0

Seamlessly invite & pre-screen candidates for video and text based assessments at scale.

Product Screen
Product Screen

Making Institution Hiring based
on Skill + Preference

All round university placement support with mass screening & hiring automation. Student skill gap analysis and skill enhancement recommendations.


Global Partnerships.
One Mission.

X0PA’s global partner network includes referral partners, go-to-market partners (including value-added resellers and system integrators) as well as ecosystem partners

Global Technology & Consulting Partners

Quick & Easy Integrations.

Choose from the wide list of integration support as per your business needs

Application Tracking Systems | Candidate CRM | Job Portals | Job Aggregators
Candidate Sourcing & Screening | E-Signature | Calendar Management | Communication Tools

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