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Virtual Hybrid Assessments

  • Flexibility to add multiple reviewers
  • Set time limits and deadlines for assessment completion
  • Option to select a fixed or randomized list of questions

Virtual automated Scholarship Admissions

  • Set time limits and deadlines for assessment completion
  • Uniform grading system for applicants

Mass Screening & Hiring

  • User-defined multiple-choice questionnaire to rank and filter candidates based on user-defined cut-off criteria
  • Automated scoring, rankings and pass/fail feature

Video Interviews

  • Easily interview multiple candidates at once via one-way recorded interviews via ROOM
  • Interactive 2 way virtual interview via ZOOM or Microsoft Teams

Blue Collar Hiring

  • Interviewing via recorded video interviews with preset questions from employers
  • Assessments via text, multiple choice, video or hybrid questions
  • Assess multiple candidates at once
  • No CVs required for assessing candidates
  • AI analytics on language and tone analytics

Virtual Career Fairs

  • Prioritized jobs for hiring featured with preset assessments for candidates interested
  • Ratings and feedback on candidates on the same user-defined criteria
  • Assess and pre-screen candidates in real time
  • Assess candidates via One-way recorded (via ROOM) or two-way online interviews

AI Sourcing

  • Source profiles from open-sourced platforms
  • Add suitable sourced profiles to pipeline
  • Machine Learning to understand user preferences and recommend better profiles over time

Interview Workflow Automation

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enhance interview workflow automation
  • Automated interview scheduler
  • Automated candidate emails
  • Automated candidate references and offer

Talent Pool Management

  • Add candidates to build up Talent Pool
  • Organize Talent Pool into Buckets

Skill Gap Analysis and Recommendation

  • Skill Gap Identification for Candidates Applying for Jobs
  • Candidates can access list of online courses available from knowledge providers to address skill gap/ upskill themselves

Student course recommendation and course scheduling

  • Recommend courses students are better suited to
  • Automated course scheduling & calendar booking via AI scheduler

Alumni career services

  • Job Matching for Alumni Students
  • Skill Gap Analysis and Recommendation
  • Course Recommendation for Upskilling

Student Attrition Prediction & Matching

  • Student Attrition Prediction to predict students' probabilities of dropping out of courses
  • Match students to courses to minimize attrition probabilities

Job rotations

  • Employee skill identification
  • Employee profile assessment against company jobs
  • Match employees with skill potential for job rotation to relevant jobs
  • Lateral Growth Opportunities

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (X0PA for RPO)

  • End-to-end Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Process
  • AI Pre-Screening
  • Talent Pool
  • Microsite
  • Chatbot
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Smart Scheduler

Workforce analytics

  • Recruiter's usage statistics
  • Hiring statistics
  • Effectiveness or Hiring Sources
  • Cultural Fit Analysis
  • Candidate Attrition
  • Pay Gap Analysis
  • Diversity Analysis

Internal hiring

  • Plug into HRIS or Employee Database
  • Employees scored and ranked against open roles
  • Career Progression Opportunities

Job Matching and Recommendation

  • Recommend best-fit talent to jobs
  • Recommend applicants to apply for jobs that better suit them

Succession planning

  • Plug into HRIS or Employee Database
  • Key positions within organization mapped out
  • Match employees with skill potential to grow into roles to relevant jobs

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