Use Case #3

Restructuring and Right sizing


Restructuring activity is one of the most stressful activities for a company.

Companies at times need to restructure or right size to be leaner and stay competitive.

Some side effects of restructuring include:

  • Losing employees who are loyal and can be utilized for other roles within the organization

  • Severance costs both direct and indirect

  • Rehiring costs

  • Employee morale

X0PA can help companies by:

  • Identifying efficiently individuals who can be deployed for other roles within the organization

  • By matching candidates to job with help of our patented two sided matching algorithms

  • X0PA’s unique predictive AI algorithms can identify the employees who are committed and have the potential to meet expected performance

  • Our powerful AI will help avoid the brain drain in most efficient manner

  • Unique X0PA platform workflow will reduce the time and resources for the restructuring activity

  • Hence saving time and cost for the organization

  • Significantly protecting employee moral

  • Helping you stay competitive and lean