Use Case #2

Managed Services - Ideal for Executive search, RPO and Staffing companies

  1. X0PA Ai Managed Services is the Executive Search arm of X0PA Ai; which uses the X0PA technology and platform to deliver Executive Search assignments to their clients.

  2. One of their clients was looking at bringing on board a very senior resource, with very niche and rare skill sets.  A combination of these skills in normal circumstances would not be able to pull up many candidates from existing network.

  3. So the consultant advertised the role, and redirected the responses to the X0PA platform and put the process on Auto Pilot.

  4. A total of 163 applications were received over a period of 2 days; X0PA Robotic Recruiter shortlisted 5 candidates, who had the combination of all the required skills, required number of experience and contacted them to request their consent to explore this opportunity. Once the candidate consented to the process, the in built smart scheduler automatically lined up telephonic conversations for these candidates with the consultant.

  5. Thus, the consultant save time to process the applications, check who were interested to proceed, eliminated the bias in the shortlisting of applications and engaged with only the ones who were a solid fit to the position.

  6. Additionally the ones who were not shortlisted, also got intimated by the system that they were not going forward in the process.