Applicant Tracking System: 5 Things Employers and Candidates Should Know

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a game-changer for hiring managers as they seek more efficient and effective ways to select the best candidates, one of the most time-consuming challenges for any employer. According to Forbes, 90% of large employers now use applicant-tracking systems to sort and manage candidate applications. A whopping 99% of Fortune […]

Blind Hiring: What Can You Mask to Make Your Hiring Process More Inclusive?

Masking is not only an essential way to protect you in a pandemic, it’s also the future of blind hiring and a way to drive truly equitable hiring outcomes. Video and voice masking is a powerful way to remove human bias through digital interviews, helping employers to hire objectively, be more inclusive and increase diversity in the workforce.

Skill-Based Hiring for Equitable & Inclusive Teams

To make the hiring process fair and inclusive for all, it’s time to go beyond CVs and professional profiles. The ideal candidate should be given the opportunity to demonstrate the critical skills required by the role.