Power Up Your Hiring Initiatives with Predictive Analytics

We see it all the time. Recruiters and hiring managers struggling to build and scale bigger and better teams while also enabling objective hiring that is free from bias and prejudice.  Given the number of people that are part of the hiring process in any organisation, manual processes, the over-reliance on siloed tools and systems, […]

Revolutionizing the Hiring Process: A Case Study on AI-Powered Recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for years. It is expected to replace as much as 85 million jobs around the globe over the next two years. So as an employer, you should be incorporating AI into your recruitment strategies. In this AI recruitment case study, we look at how technology is being […]

Pre-Employment Screening Made Easy!

Looking for an easy way to conduct pre-employment screening? Check out X0pa’s pre-employment screening software! X0pa’s pre-employment screening software ensures that your hiring process is accurate and efficient. Our tool makes it simple to assess job candidates and find the best fit for your organization. Plus, our competitive pricing makes it affordable for businesses of […]

Make job hunting a breeze with our virtual hiring event software

Looking for a way to make job hunting easier? Check out X0pa’s virtual hiring event software. Our platform offers many benefits for both employers and job seekers, making it the perfect choice for your next virtual hiring event! X0pa’s virtual hiring event software makes it easy to connect with employers and find the right job […]

Hiring Manager’s Assistant – Recruitment Dashboard Template

Are you looking for someone to assist with the recruitment dashboard template excel? Are you doing a full hiring cycle and need someone to help with your hiring dashboard? In this blog, we will introduce you to the recruiting metrics dashboard template. We will discuss how they can make a difference in the recruitment function. […]

All about the Cost Per Hire Calculator

As a recruiter, you are always looking for better ways to do your job. You are looking for ways to lower your hiring costs and improve your hiring success rate. You are looking for new ways to save time, avoid repetitive tasks, and manage your team better.  The Cost Per Hire Calculator is an Excel […]

Do not Lose the Best Talents to your Competition – Employ Top AI Recruiting Software to Stay Ahead

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruiting software in recruitment is increasing. Recruiters are employing AI-powered software for candidate screening, onboarding, monitoring and engaging new hires. 72% of organizations believe that the next 10 years would witness multiple segments of their talent acquisition process employing automation. Powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML), automation in […]

Cognitive Ability Tests for Employee Selection: Going Beyond the Resume

(Source: Unsplash) The ultimate goal of recruitment is to find the best people to work with. Technical skills of an individual are readily available through a resume. But how about qualities that are not readily visible? How good is a candidate at making efficient decisions even under great pressure? Or, will the candidate deliver stellar […]

Power your Talent Acquisition to Deliver and Scale

(Source: Pixabay) Did you know a bad hire is the second reason for about 70% of start-ups to either succeed or succumb? The first reason? Financial issues. A start-up, by its essence, needs faster growth to sustain and succeed. The talent that comes onboard during its initial stages of growth is key to shaping the […]

The Finest Recruitment Sourcing Channels You May be Missing

(Image Source: Pixabay) Sourcing is the process of obtaining talent for a job vacancy in your organization. With people being the backbone of an organization, hiring the right people for the right position is crucial. From locating talents to screening and interviewing them, and making an offer, recruitment journey is complex. Sourcing, in itself, is […]