Power Up Your Hiring Initiatives with Predictive Analytics

Author: Ian LeBruceDate: 25/01/24Time to Read: 5 minutes We see it all the time. Recruiters and hiring managers struggling to build and scale bigger and better teams while also enabling objective hiring that is free from bias and prejudice.  Given the number of people that are part of the hiring process in any organisation, manual […]

The Why and How of Internal Hiring in Light of the Great Resignation

Trends like the Great Resignation reveal that employees are looking at pursuing new career opportunities. But what if they could get these new opportunities in their current workplace? Would they then stay? While the Great Resignation shows that some employees want to get out of the game, we need to look closely to see what […]

How Fast-Growing Companies Can Benefit from Talent Analytics

One of the critical aspects to organisational success in today’s job market is attracting and retaining talent. From developing a nuanced comprehension of the demographic characteristics to accurately predicting cultural fit, new hire success has never been more complex.  And although a host of factors contribute to the evaluation process, the ability to gauge a […]