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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Software

Achieve Maximum Hiring Objectivity with a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Software

  • Eliminate Unconscious Bias
  • Outperform with a Diverse Team
  • Deliver an Outstanding Candidate Experience
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Software

Is your workplace diverse? You may be losing 83% of talents due to lack of, or low, diversity. X0PA AI Recruiter is the best solution to achieve your DEI goals in hiring. By maximizing objectivity, X0PA shifts your focus to truly talented candidates you may miss otherwise.

Check out how you can make a positive DEI impact. Try a X0PA Demo.

Make Genuine Impact on Talents

63% of candidates go through social media to understand your position on workplace diversity. X0PA’s Masked Hiring and 

Model Bias Analysis and Review ensure that diversity is not limited to your questionnaires and brochures.

Make meaningful impact by integrating X0PA into your hiring process. Create a genuine impression on prospective talents.

Create a High-Performing Team

The performance output of racially diverse teams surpasses that of non-diverse teams by 35%. With its AI-powered data insights, workflow automation, omni-channel communication ability and chatbot assistance, X0PA ensures that candidates receive an equal experience regardless of their backgrounds. 

Break the barriers stopping you from making your teams more diverse with X0PA.

Leverage Video Interviewing to Recruit Diverse Talents

From graduates to passive candidates and military veterans, make your workforce as diverse as possible with video interviewing. By enabling candidates to present their best selves, video interviews ensure that the process is fair for all. For recruiters, video interviews mean fewer scheduling hassles and greater efficiency.

With X0PA’s support for asynchronous and live video, you can ensure that every candidate is given a fair chance. X0PA’s 

Assessment Builder ensures that you clinch the top candidates.

Build a Strong DEI Employer Brand

75+% jobseekers gather information about an employer’s brand reputation before sending a job application to a company. A positive stance on DEI is important for 26% candidates to consider applying to a company. 

Attract top talents with the right approach to diverse, equal and inclusive hiring. With X0PA, hire candidates on CV relevance and attributes of performance and loyalty, not on personal identifiers.

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Workplace diversity refers to the presence or non-presence of people from different backgrounds in an organization.

Backgrounds can include several factors, including race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, physical abilities and disabilities, and sexual preferences. The modern workplace also considers language, political beliefs and economic backgrounds, as diversity factors.

A diverse workplace is a necessity rather than a could-be factor for the modern employer. With the world being more connected on a global scale, people and perspectives from different geographies and cultures bring a new outlook. This new way of seeing things spurs innovation and is becoming a success differentiator for employers.

Recruiters and companies have innumerable benefits accruing from a diverse workplace. But enabling a successful DEI-oriented hiring process evades recruiters. Embracing the right tech can increase your success with DEI strategies.

How Diversity Recruiting Platforms Empower?

Hiring diverse candidates is the one of the preliminary steps toward creating a diverse workforce. A recruitment software specializing in diversity hiring can assist you with the realization of your DEI goals.

A diversity recruiting software works by paving a way for developing, establishing and nurturing diversity in every aspect of hiring and beyond. 

Encouraging Diversity at Sourcing

This is the first stage where you can start making a difference to realize your DEI goals. Including a wide range of sourcing channels, including your internal talent pools, helps you attract diverse talents. Career fairs and microsites are also great ways to attract diverse talents. 

By widening your sourcing channels, you are elevating your hiring process to provide equal opportunities to your entire target audience of talents.

Diversity sourcing tools such as X0PA attract more talents with their ability to reach a wide range of platforms. AI-based profile parsing prevents any unintended human bias. These ML-based algorithms regularly update themselves with relevant learning to reduce bias based on evolving factors.

You can extend the fairness of your process to virtual career fairs with X0PA. From equipping you with branded diversity recruitment websites to facilitating efficient career fair management, X0PA helps you at every step. 

Developing a More Objective AI-Based Candidate Screening

Candidate screening becomes objective when the focus shifts to candidate skills. With only skills as base, your screening process is less likely to miss deserving candidates. AI-based screening where candidate resumes are screened on skillsets offers more objectivity.

AI-based diversity recruiting software use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to mitigate conscious and unconscious bias. They parse resumes at sourcing, pushing only the most qualified resumes into your hiring pipeline.

In screening, diversity recruiting platforms compare candidate skills with the required skillset and identify skill gaps. They score and rank candidates accordingly, making review easier and efficient for recruiters.

Hiring diverse candidates with X0PA is easier as the platform offers maximum objectivity. X0PA employs AI/ ML and NLP-based algorithms to score and rank profiles. X0PA uses predictive analysis to score candidates on stability and future job performance. As a result, recruiters get to hire the best candidates based on their merits alone.   

Promoting Diversity by Preventing Candidate Attendance Drop-Offs

70% of people around the world are passive talents, meaning they are job-holders that are not actively looking for jobs. 

However; these people are willing to consider new job roles

With talent markets being tough, recruiters face the need to be early birds to attract top talents. Video interviews offer an efficient channel to get to top talents without fail.

Branded career websites, chatbots and video interviews are the best ways to engage passive talents.

Branded diversity recruitment websites pull and place passive talents amidst your brand, creating awareness about your brand and employer culture.

Chatbots engage by helping prospective candidates with all the information they need to discover the most suitable jobs.

Passive talents are already employed and may not find the time to attend interviews physically. Video interviews offer them the convenience of on-demand interview realization.

These channels exhibit enormous potential to attract and engage passive talents, who might otherwise be inaccessible. By doing so, these channels make way for creating a more diverse workforce.

Leverage the Best Features of a Diversity Recruiting Software with X0PA

Take actionable steps to realize a DEI-infused hiring process with these features of X0PA:

  • Expand access to diverse talents with X0PA’s database of 250M+ profiles. Add internal talent pools, open-sourced platforms and external job portals, to increase profile diversification.
  • Create and push multiple jobs to career fairs simultaneously. Fetch already posted jobs on the platform for display on virtual career fairs.
  • Manage bulk interviews effortlessly with X0PA Room. Use live or one-way recorded videos for screening multiple candidates at once. Employ Room’s Assessment Builder to prevent any unconscious bias and hire based only on merit.
  • Keep attracting talents with diverse backgrounds with automated workflows for internal and external candidate engagement. Create your own unique talent pool by nurturing diverse candidates. 
  • X0PA’s omni-channel communication capability makes engagement easier. Reach out to candidates through email, WhatsApp and more. 
  • Review candidates based on AI/ ML and NLP scoring. Ensure maximum objectivity by scoring candidates on parameters that matter, including skills, stability index and future job performance. 
  • Embed your brand in X0PA so that your corporate brand is maintained throughout recruitment.
  • Enhance candidate engagement with X0PA chatbot. Send out personalized greetings and implement a personalized application and screening process, and interactions with X0PA.
  • Use omni-channel communication, including emails, SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp and VOIP, for extensive talent engagement. Increase the chances of building a diverse talent pool with multiple-channel support on a single platform.  
  • Avail automated email workflows for your candidate outreach programs so that your outreach approach remains same yet personalized for all candidates. 


DEI hiring does not make it to the priority list for 41% of companies. Commitment to maintaining a diverse workplace is crucial for 70% of employees. These employees are ready to quit their employment and search for new jobs. Given these statistics, lack of diversity can be costly for your revenue and success.A smarter approach would be to include a diversity, equity and inclusion software in your diversity recruitment program. Reliable tech increases your access to diverse talents and makes hiring a fair process, making candidate experience equal for all.

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