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Struggling with your campus hiring? Welcome speed and efficiency with X0PA AI for Academia.

  • Manage Voluminous Campus Hiring with Ease
  • Get the Best Student-Job Fit
  • Achieve Better Placement Rates

Do not lose the change-makers that can transform your organization because of a poor hiring process. Optimize your campus hiring process for the best results – greater applicant volume, high-quality screening, and onboarding of the best talents.

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Struggling with your campus hiring? Welcome speed and efficiency with X0PA AI for Academia.

Attract More High-Quality Talents

Campus hiring is voluminous. With a traditional hiring approach, it is easy to miss true talents that are more than what their resume communicates. Widen your hiring compass to include applicants with skill excellence as well as stellar attributes.

X0PA’s AI and ML-powered 2-way student-job matching ensures that all applicants relevant to your role are screened.

Infuse Speed and Efficiency into your On-Campus Process

Manage any volume of student applicants without overworking your recruitment team. Trust X0PA’s AI-driven student screening to give you the best match based on compatibility and capability. Reduce your on-campus hiring time from months to a few days.

Prevent Being Dragged Down by a Wrong Hire

A wrong hire costs you 30% of the new hire’s first year earnings. Besides, a wrong hire diminishes the quality of your hiring process and on-job performance.

Identify relevant skills and skill gaps and hire students based on strong data-driven insights. Prevent a wrong hire early in hiring with X0PA’s AI for Academia.

Make Onboarding Less Time and Budget-Intensive

Manage multiple stakeholders including student applicants and employers with ease and efficiency. Improve the success of your onboarding by making it a personalized journey for all your stakeholders.

Let Positive Candidate Experience be your Word of Mouth

A poor candidate experience is a major reason for candidates refusing a job offer. With X0PA’s AI Academia, you can give candidates the best screening, hiring and onboarding experience.

Campus hiring is a key talent sourcing and hiring strategy for educational institutions and recruiters. There are thousands of education institutions around the world nurturing bright young minds. A strategy such as campus recruiting helps companies reach this valuable talent pool.

Campus hiring gives companies access to fresh developing talents in schools, universities and other education institutions. A well-planned campus hiring strategy helps you tap brilliant talents before your competitors.

For student applicants, campus recruiting is an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the career market. They get to explore the market and choose the best companies to work with.

Employers may reach out to campus talents by partnering with campus placement cells of educational institutions. They may participate in institutional career fairs for one-on-one interactions with students. Strategies may also take the form of social media campaigns for creating faster connections with applicants.

Though a great way to reach raw talents, campus hiring demands a significant investment of cost and efforts. And more often than not, the results are not worth the investment. 

A CRM software for education industry presents a reliable and effective solution to overcome the challenges of campus hiring.

CRM for Admissions: An Efficient Solution for Admission and Campus Recruiting

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a technology that enables organizations to build stronger customer relationships.

A CRM tool works by providing valuable insights into customers’ journey with a company, at every touch point. 

Organizational teams, including marketing, sales, product development and customer support, can make data-driven decisions at the right time.

This data-driven approach enables companies to deliver extraordinary customer experiences at every point of interaction. This approach ultimately leads to enhanced customer engagement, better processes, and improved bottom line.

A CRM solution for schools is a technology that enables educational institutions to have better relations with their students. A CRM for admissions helps streamline hiring process. Manual time-consuming tasks are automated to make hiring for admissions and placements faster.

CRM for schools goes beyond being a tool to only streamline hiring. Data-driven CRM tools enable institutions to work with their students beyond hiring. They help nurture stronger student relationships.

CRM tools built for application in campus hiring help educational institutions create an efficient and transparent hiring process for placement. You can select prospects that are eligible and engage with them throughout the cycle.

Applicants get a thorough insight into your process. They are kept well-informed at every phase of the hiring process. This constant engagement throughout the process cycle enables you to understand applicant needs and address them. These favorable experiences are more likely to encourage applicants to accept admission or a job offer.

Address Challenges with a Reliable CRM for Admissions

A well-designed CRM for schools is a comprehensive solution that addresses multiple challenges in hiring for admissions or placements. A specialized CRM software for education industry such as X0PA goes beyond the standard benefits. It offers an end-to-end solution to transform your process and derive improved outcomes.

What are the challenges inherent to schools when handling student admissions and placements? How do you address them with recruitment and admissions[VS1]  capabilities in CRM systems?  

Reaching Top Talents Before the Competition

A recent report shows that employers are hiring 7.2% more fresh college graduates than they did previously. With competition for graduate hiring growing, the need to reach top talents faster is important. More important is to reach them before your competition does.

A wider talent pool and a data-driven applicant selection process are key to attracting top talents faster.

Designed to address specific needs of education institutions, hiring and admissions CRM systems help reach talents faster. 

They widen your talent pool by including applicants from a variety of sources you may not have reached manually.

CRM systems accomplish faster result realization with process automation, data-driven selection and post-selection engagement. 

By facilitating applicant engagement, CRM systems help build and maintain talent pools. These dedicated talent sources help you meet your talents needs in the future. Talent pools help improve time-to-hire and quality-of-hire. They also reduce cost of hire significantly.

Addressing the Shift to Candidate Experience Factor

It was earlier an employer-driven market in campus hiring. Modern campus hiring is more a candidate-driven market with about 90% of hiring depending on candidate preferences

Talents now have increased access to employers and a wide range of choice in employers. They can easily negotiate a range of factors, from salary/ scholarships to work flexibility, culture and career progress.

Recruiters and schools face the urgent need to differentiate themselves to obtain competitive leverage. Delivering extraordinary applicant experiences is crucial to prevent losing top talents to the competition.

Admissions CRM systems are a great way to leverage technology for process betterment. They enable you to deliver improved transparency, speed and objectivity, in admission and placement hiring. 

50+% of applicants are more likely to share a positive hiring experience on social media. Earn a favorable word of mouth with reliable technology by your side.

Building an Attractive Employer Brand

Whether you are hiring for admissions or jobs, an attractive employer brand is important. Having a great brand helps – you get to attract 50% more eligible applicants and decrease hiring costs significantly.

A whopping 92% companies struggle to maintain a brand that can attract college talents.

Technologies such as a CRM software for education industry empower you with reach and resources. You can convert your hiring from a reactive process to a proactive strategy. You can source applicants externally while nurturing internal talents.

With automation, you can replace mundane manual tasks with rapid value-driven functions. You can make your hiring more objective with AI-driven CRM solutions and improve candidate experience.

The result is the shaping of an employer brand that meets the needs of applicants.

X0PA AI for Academia – The Fast-Emerging CRM Software Solution for Education Industry 

From simple to voluminous and from capability to compatibility, X0PA helps you command the comprehensive arc of student selection. X0PA AI for Academia is a SaaS platform with self-improving AI and ML-based algorithms.

A quick look at X0PA features and their benefits for you:

·      An AI and ML-based student selection design that matches students not only on desired criteria but also on competency.

Discover talents that offer the best fitment and possess skills to grow to be a future asset.

·      Select students on a variety of parameters. From pre-defined requirements to complex parameters such as career performance and stability, assess students on several value parameters.

Soft skills are a top reason for hiring and firing. 39% employers are sure that at least one employee in 5 at their company is job-hunting.

Given these facts, it is no more enough to select applicants for their on-resume skills alone. Extensive and hard-to-gauge parameters accelerate your chances of making a reliable hire.  

·      Automate bulk hiring without losing efficiency. X0PA’s patented 2-way matching algorithm ensures that you get the best student fit no matter the hiring volume. The algorithm assesses students based on role parameters as well as applicant preferences. 

60% of applicants refuse to go along with an application process that is complex or time-taking. X0PA’s automation ensures that you do not lose skilled talents due to a bad process.

·      Reduce screening time significantly. X0PA parses CVs and profiles on the student platform. AI and ML algorithms perform in-depth skill-matching, analyzing listed skills, industry requirements and student interests. With this data-driven skill-matching, recruiters are able to allocate the most suitable fitment to applicants. 

55% candidates would like the time between the first interview and job offer to be 1 to 2 weeks. With X0PA, you can improve your screening time and shrink your hiring time from months to days.

·      Benefit from X0PA’s interview workflow automation and automated virtual scholarship admissions  

Automation delivers 100% workflow uptime and 4% revenue increase per employee. X0PA automation is not a capability you would want to miss.

·      Easily onboard students and multiple stakeholders. X0PA offers a brand-customized space for educational institutions to manage their onboarding. From automated personalized messages to efficient guidance, X0PA makes applicants feel at ease.

Strategic branding gives stakeholders the comfort of being in your proximity even if they are online.

Onboarding automation is already a norm in several companies. Be at the forefront of smart automation with X0PA.

·      Scale applicant hiring on-demand without efficiency gaps. X0PA’s automated applicant sourcing, screening and management, is efficient across volumes.

Easily manage your career fairs and alumni career services with X0PA’s smart automation.  


Voluminous hiring and problems in filling jobs rank among the five major hiring challenges. Customized CRM software for education industry such as X0PA offers a reliable solution to overcome recruitment and admission challenges.

Elevate your existing process to deliver positive applicant experiences and create future-ready talent pools. Experience enhanced placements and improved admissions.

Ready to get started?

X0PA’s comprehensive solutions and customer success team will ensure that you achieve your goals.