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Candidate Sourcing Automation

End Hiring Setbacks Arising from a Poor Talent Reach Strategy

  • Get Access to Millions of Candidate Profiles
  • Get Connected to Top Talents Faster
  • Nurture Passive Talents for Higher Conversion Rates

X0PA’s AI Recruiter is designed to give you the ultimate hiring advantage at every stage of recruitment. Reach out to millions of diverse talents and discover the best match rapid-fast.

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Candidate Sourcing Automation

Get Access to Ample and Diverse Talents 

Over 250M+ candidate profiles are available through X0PA database. Gain large-scale visibility by pushing your job openings to LinkedIn and a wide range of job boards. Get access to diverse talents rapid-fast and identify potential match before you lose them to your competition.

Power Up Sourcing by Leveraging Internal and Past Talents

Enlarge sourcing volume by discovering apt candidates within your organization and your talent pool of previous applicants. X0PA allows you to preserve identified talents in various buckets during hiring.

Reach out to these candidates, engage with them, and keep conversations going, with X0PA’s omni-channel 

communication capabilities. Be future-ready with your own dedicated talent pool.

Obtain Well-Qualified Profiles at Sourcing Point Itself

Eliminate the risk of a bad hire early into the hiring process. X0PA’s AI and NLP-based skill taxonomy match skills, not keywords, to give you apt results. Profiles are also screened for complex parameters such as job performance and stability.

You get access to the most qualified profiles faster, which paves way for a remarkably swifter hiring process.

Establish the Right Note

Sourcing is the point where candidate experience begins. Right communication at the outset sets a positive tone for the entire hiring journey. With X0PA, you can ensure that the right tone is set, and the right message is conveyed. Set off a great employer branding process with X0PA in assistance.

Recruitment is a crucial strategy for companies of any size. A well-developed recruitment strategy empowers you with talents that steer your company through successes and challenges without ceasing to progress.

Besides attracting and retaining talents, a mature recruitment process keeps reinventing itself to improve process 

experience for all stakeholders. In doing so, the process contributes to the development of a strong employer brand.

Sourcing, a key aspect of recruitment, involves identifying talents for jobs and reaching out to them with constant engagement. Recruiters use internal or external sourcing to fill a role. 

Traditional sourcing includes the activities of creating job descriptions, advertising job postings and reaching out to candidates through different channels. While traditional recruitment ends with hiring, modern recruitment goes beyond hiring to nurture candidates and build talent pools.

While the definition of sourcing remains the same in modern recruitment, the activities involved go beyond identifying candidates. With recruitment turning more candidate-driven, sourcing too is transforming to cater to diverse needs of candidates.

A candidate sourcing software enables you to infuse meaningful technology into recruitment and elevate candidate experience. Companies derive the ultimate benefits of improved cost, quality and time, of hiring.

Why Use Candidate Sourcing Automation?

78% employers already using recruitment tech say such technology upgrades their hiring process and makes it easier. 

Advanced applicant sourcing tools use the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation to enhance sourcing.

End-to-end recruitment solutions such as X0PA go further to automate screening, scheduling interviews, managing offer acceptance and onboarding. They also help recruiters with resources for engaging potential applicants identified in the hiring pipeline. 

Automation in hiring is already showing great results. Companies with HR automation are experiencing up to 17% decrease in hiring costs and up to 26% reduction in workhours.

Automation in hiring is not limited to sourcing. From screening candidates to conducting interviews and onboarding, automation improves efficiency across all layers of hiring.

An applicant sourcing tool empowers you with automation. Advanced tools are designed to do more. Here are some ways in which your candidate sourcing automation can keep you ahead:

Spread the Word Across Automatically

Candidate sourcing automation takes your job postings to millions of relevant audiences instantly. A single click publishes your open roles on a wide range of sourcing channels. You can even define and set sourcing destinations for automated postings.

Well-designed applicant sourcing tools expand your reach to include major job boards and niche platforms. This approach gives you targeted visibility and enhances the momentum of your sourcing response. 

Did you know that manual HR tasks that can easily be automated gobble as much as 14 hours every week? This translates into a significant waste in productivity and costs. 

By automating sourcing, you can save substantial workhours and divert them to other key aspects in the hiring pipeline. In addition, these job postings are accomplished from a centralized location. You can edit, update and manage postings across channels, including job boards and third-party platforms, at ease, from one location.

Advanced applicant sourcing automation delivered by tools such as X0PA widens your sourcing landscape. With X0PA, you get access to a candidate database featuring over 250M+ profiles. You get to post jobs on major job boards, open-source platforms and LinkedIn.

With centralized automation, you have better process control and visibility. Process inaccuracies are reduced and communications improved, leading to better stakeholder relationships.

Improve Hire Quality with Automated Screening

60% candidates do not go through a hiring process that they feel is complex or too time-consuming. A manual screening is time-intensive. You can miss top talents due to a process that can be improved with automation.

Candidate sourcing software such as X0PA can slash your hiring time and costs with intense screening at sourcing point itself.

X0PA employs Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to push suitable profiles into your pipeline during sourcing. These algorithms evolve with your needs. They understand your changing talent preferences and screen profiles accordingly.

Whether you are hiring internally or externally, X0PA uses its NLP-based matching criteria. This method gives you the most qualified candidates based on skill parameters and not on keywords. The best candidates are also assessed for hard-to-measure parameters such as on-the-job stability and performance.

With its AI-based ranking and scoring, X0PA cuts down the time and cost needed to move suitable candidates to the next phase of hiring. 

Build a Thriving Talent Pipeline  

77% recruiting professionals say that their experience includes hiring a candidate that appeared to be a misfit early into the process. Such hiring decisions can turn disastrous without valid data backing them.

Candidate sourcing automation makes such hiring decisions easy and possible with its ability for delivering data-driven insights. Complete candidate data, including profile data, recruiter communications and interactions, are automatically absorbed into the platform. The entire data details are presented to decision-makers on-demand for sound decision-making.

X0PA eases decision-making further for stakeholders with its advanced talent pool settings. Recruiters can organize talents into relevant buckets and retrieve targeted information when needed.

Infuse Efficiency into your Workplace Diversity Strategy

57% employees feel their employers could do with more workplace diversity. Statistics put the performance of racially diverse teams at 35% more than non-racial teams. This means diversity is integral to organizational success.

Candidate sourcing automation can be the best start to your diversity goals. AI-based sourcing tools and techniques can remove unconscious bias and make hiring more objective.

With its ethical and data-backed AI, X0PA is designed to deliver maximum objectivity. X0PA goes further to employ features of Masked Hiring to reduce unconscious bias. The solution uses a Model Bias Analysis to be sensitive to a wide range of bias. The Model is reviewed regularly and retrained to improve its sensitivity to bias.    

Leverage Passive Talent Pools with Customized Engagement

70% of people working globally are passive jobseekers. This potential talent demography comprises people that are currently working but not job-hunting. They are interested in new job roles and are willing to be contacted though.

This talent pool is a potential sourcing channel. But casting the net wide will get you a general audience that may or may not be suitable for your talent needs.

A passive candidate sourcing software helps reach targeted candidates in this talent pool and nurture 2-way communication and relationship.

X0PA brings you closer to relevant profiles with its AI scoring and ranking. With features such as chatbot and omni-channel reach, you can tap this passive talent pool with personalized communications.

Benefits of Candidate Sourcing Automation with X0PA

HR automation, data-driven insights, AI-powered talent search, employer branding and candidate experience, are key factors driving the recruitment landscape. Modern recruitment automation tools are more evolved in their technology and delivery. But success comes only when you choose the best technology.

X0PA is aptly-positioned to deliver the hiring success you seek. X0PA presents a viable solution for candidate sourcing automation with its well-developed features and tangible results:

· Source candidates from an extensive database of over 250M+ profiles

· Source candidates based on reliable NLP-based skill-fit, not misleading keyword match

· Reach talents with greater CV relevance, and on-job stability and performance

· Get heightened visibility for your job postings through one-click automatic distribution on job boards, LinkedIn and open-sourced platforms

· Get top profiles through AI scoring and ranking

· Manage even voluminous hiring with ease using talent pool bucketing settings   

· Ensure maximum objectivity with Masked Hiring, Model Bias Analysis and Regular Model Review and Retraining modules

· Reduce time-to-hire by 87% and cost of hiring by 50%


The modern recruiter is keen on being proactive than reactive. Technology for the modern recruiter is not a hindrance but an enabler. Right use of candidate sourcing automation removes only tedious manual tasks but not the human element of the process.Smarter sourcing tools and techniques that facilitate automation, create greater opportunities for recruiters to continuously improve hiring and talent engagement.

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