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X0PA’s Candidate Relationship Management solution turns all your hiring wishes into realities!

Get Access to an Extensive Talent Pool

Attract talents from a wider expanse with job push to LinkedIn and targeted job portals. Extend your sourcing reach to open-sourced platforms. Get maximum leverage at virtual and career fairs with X0PA AI Recruiter.

Get Access to an Extensive Talent Pool

Obtain In-Depth Candidate Insights in Minutes

Stop wasting hours and resources on getting to know your candidates. Get a comprehensive view of your candidates from the instant they apply. X0PA’s AI ranking, skill taxonomy matching, and predictive scoring give you an in-depth understanding of candidates. From resume details and earlier interactions with your company to future stability and performance, get all candidate details, in minutes!

Obtain In-Depth Candidate Insights in Minutes

Do Not Miss the Best Talents for Keywords

No more keyword-based talent selection! Pull the best profiles based on their skills using AI, ML and NLP-powered algorithms. X0PA keeps evolving to better understand your preferences over time. So, you get to select only the right profiles every time. No room for a bad hire!

Do Not Miss the Best Talents for Keywords

Wow your Candidates with Faster Hiring

Faster and quality hiring need not be a dream anymore. X0PA’s RPA automates time-intensive manual tasks in your hiring process. Screen candidates in minutes, evaluate candidate references in seconds and eliminate back-and-forth emails. From sourcing through hiring and onboarding, X0PA powers your end-to-end recruitment with speed and efficiency.

Wow your Candidates with Faster Hiring

Nurture your Talent Pool

Segment talents at sourcing into relevant talent buckets. Engage potential candidates through omni-channel communications. Automate emails and candidate communications with seamless employer branding at all touch points. Enhance candidate experience through recruitment and beyond. Be retained in the minds of your candidates. Cultivate strong candidate relationships so that you are never short of talents.

Nurture your Talent Pool

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) is the invisible process that happens through a recruitment process. From sourcing to hiring and onboarding, it happens along with recruitment. While recruitment stops with hiring, candidate management goes beyond to keep engaging candidates and building strong relationships with them. A candidate relationship management tool is a software that helps recruiters manage and build candidate relationships beyond recruitment.

Tech Mahindra

X0PA fit in very well as a solution for us because it gave us the ability to select the right candidate in terms of fitment into the culture, longevity and the ability to succeed.
X0PA for our recruitment team brought a method to the madness, with the predictive tool which runs on AI to look at the right candidates, to sift through CVs and hire the brightest candidates that would be doing well for us in our culture.

Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft is excited to see that X0PA has built an AI for recruitment that ensures the best candidate is selected for the job, and it removes unconscious bias from the process. Their proven technology takes a wide range of factors into it’s model which mean that employees are also matched well to the job ensuring happier, better performing employees and longer retention. Having a diverse workforce has been proven to improve company financials and X0PA helps companies to achieve this.

 Antal International Network, India

We had to move away from our previous CRM as it was bulky, slow loading, low on intelligence gathering and quite manual. X0PA overcame all these and we now have a solution that is working for us behind the scenes while the team is busy on their desks. It’s intelligent integrations, browser extensions and dashboards have made life a breeze for my team. We look forward to a long term, commercially successful partnership.

Harshvendra Soin
Chief People Officer
Tech Mahindra
Dr Ian McDonald
Worldwide Lead – Tech Engagement Team
Microsoft for Startups
Joseph Devasia
Managing Director,
Antal International Network, India

Candidate Relationship Management Tool Explained

Candidate relationship starts the instant an application arrives on your desk for analysis and screening. Developing and maintaining candidate relationships is a process unto itself. It involves attracting candidates for a specific job role, and engaging them through different stages of recruitment.

Candidates that offer the best fitment for the role are hired. A candidate relationship specialist hires the right candidate. But he/ she does not let go of the other candidates. These are talents waiting to be absorbed into your company for the future.

These candidates may not be right for the current role. But they possess skills and potential that make them a perfect fit for your work culture and organizational goals.

But why maintain candidate relationships?

Developing long-term relationships with candidates empowers you with the ability to source the best talents over time.

Fostering good relationships maintains your brand presence in candidates’ minds.

Candidates are more likely to want to work with you when an opportunity arises. From faster and quality hiring to top talent retention, you get to gain in multiple ways with candidate bond-building. 

A candidate relationships management software helps you establish strong relationships by making hiring, onboarding and further engagement, easy and effective.

How does a Candidate Relationship Management Tool Work?

A candidate relationship management solution is essentially a software that works by improving the efficiency of your end-to-end recruitment process. (Know more about end-to-end recruitment here.)

A well-designed candidate relationship management system helps establish better candidate relations by transforming the way you interact with candidates. It essentially improves candidate experience at every stage of the recruitment process. The tool continues to engage candidates even after hiring.

With a candidate management tool, you can identify a passive talent pool that is not on your applicant list. You can engage these candidates with a series of customized features available on the tool. You can create proactive campaigns to reach out to this potential talent pool.

A well-chosen CRM for recruiters enables you to create and nurture a talent hub.

This hub consists of candidates that have a recruitment history with your company – they applied for a job role but were not an accurate fitment. You may have had to let go of them at different stages of recruitment – either after initial screening, interview or after failed salary negotiations.

This talent hub also consists of passive candidates that you proactively reach out to, as part of your talent acquisition strategy. (Do not have a talent acquisition strategy yet? Know more about it here.)

You can also add organizational employees to this talent pool, turning to internal hiring for sourcing in the future.

With a reliable candidate relationship management tool, you can nurture a pool of top talents waiting to empower your organization.

Benefits of a Candidate Relationship Management Tool

Did you know that 77% recruiters hire candidates that were initially considered unfit?

This statistic is key to understanding the significance of engaging candidates at every stage of recruitment. It also underscores the need for a talent acquisition strategy. Such engagement leads to better candidate experiences and ensures that you have access to the top talents.

A comprehensive candidate engagement and talent acquisition CRM such as X0PA easily integrates with your existing systems. With such integration, you enhance the functioning of existing systems while deriving the full-fledged benefits of candidate management.

Once installed, you can use the candidate management tool to:

Enhance Candidate Experience

·      89% of jobseekers indicate that the act of getting in touch by recruiters makes them accept an offer faster.

·      94% of jobseekers are keen on receiving feedback on their interview performance.

A great candidate experience means meeting the needs of candidates at every stage of recruitment. An in-depth understanding of your candidates’ needs is key to addressing their needs.

The best recruitment CRM solutions offer in-depth candidate profiles, helping you capture all relevant details. You can mold your recruitment strategy to be more candidate-centric.

Delivering positive candidate experiences is key to building a solid employer brand and attracting top talents. A comprehensive CRM tool can empower you with data-driven insights to deliver candidate experiences that attract, engage and retain talents.

Extend Candidate Experience Beyond Recruitment

Standard recruitment processes end with hiring the candidate with the desired skills. But if you want to make a difference, this gap needs to be seized and addressed.

You can keep engaging with candidates you discovered during the recruitment. You know they make for a great hire for

your company, but not for the current role. Such talents are waiting assets.

You can draw these candidates into your talent pipeline and start engaging them. A candidate relationship management platform gives detailed candidate profiles you can use for engagement. With regular communications automated, you can keep in touch with candidates without wasting manual hours on the task.

The constant engagement creates an awareness in candidates about your organization’s work culture and the values that drive your results. The time you are investing in candidate engagement communicates your commitment. These aspects are significant in contributing to a positive candidate experience.

75% of current employees in an organization say that a positive experience during hiring encouraged them to accept an offer with the company.

With the best recruitment CRM solutions, you can easily elevate your candidate experience and attract top talents.

Ensure your Sourcing Pool is Never Dry

An employer volume of 72.8% finds it difficult to find skilled candidates for required roles. 67% of global enterprise businesses are facing talent shortage.

Talent shortage is a risk that is continuously rising. Recruiters face the challenge of hiring the best talents in the face of such rising talent shortage. Better candidate management offers an efficient way for recruiters to overcome talent shortage.

A candidate relationship management tool helps you establish talent pools. With 70% of the global candidate pool comprising passive candidates, the extent of talents you can tap into, is huge.

A CRM tool enables you to locate such pools of passive talent and engage them with personalized campaigns.

You can tap into the CRM tool to discover candidates that were interested in working with you. But they could not fit any available roles in the past. You can keep these candidates in the loop even though they were not hired.

A CRM tool engages candidates with regular personalized messages, including company updates and hiring developments. An active sourcing pool is a great way to identify on-demand talent.

CRM tools such as X0PA help you build candidate profiles with 360-degree view. Details include application history, skills, interview performance, and more. You can gather insights on relevant on-resume and off-resume skills to make an informed decision.

Build a More Cohesive Recruitment Team

CRM for recruiters help improve candidate experience as well as recruiter experience.

In a standard recruitment process where most hiring tasks are manual, there is always a risk of communication gaps. Best candidate management tools such as X0PA, automate manual tasks throughout your recruitment process.

From automated candidate emails and messages to automated screening and interview scheduling, every step is managed with the least manual intervention. When communications are automated, members of the hiring team have visibility into the whole process.

Up-to-date communication prevents the risk of last-minute scheduling cancellations and process delays at any phase of recruitment. With features such as asynchronous video interviews, hiring managers can collaborate on candidate evaluations.

The result is better recruitment orchestration that leads to better hires.

Improve Hiring Speed and Quality

With talent shortage, sourcing is often the hardest phase of a recruitment process. With the best recruitment CRM working for you, it is easier to source candidates from your organization’s self-built talent pools. (Check out these top sourcing channels you may be missing.)

Sourcing is faster. So are other complex and time-consuming processes such as screening, candidate engagement, interviewing, selections and onboarding.

Features such as smart chatbot, workflow automations, AI-powered screening and omni-channel communication are facilitated by CRM tools such as X0PA. These features make hiring tasks speedier as there is less manual intervention involved.

With scientific approach to hiring, any unconscious bias or inaccuracies in candidate selections are eliminated.

Hiring is, as a result, is speedier, more thorough, and of high quality. 

Shape a Powerful Employer Brand

75% candidates research a company’s employer brand reputation before applying for a job. 50% of candidates would refuse work with a company with a poor employer brand reputation despite an attractive salary.

A strong employer brand is key to attracting talents that you would love to have in your company. It is also important to give candidates what they want both at the hiring stage and after onboarding. Candidate experience as well as employee experience are key to building a strong employer brand.

Creating positive experiences in your hiring is key to shaping your employer brand reputation. With solid CRM tools, you can create a recruitment strategy that aligns with your candidate needs and organizational goals.

Combine a CRM-powered recruitment strategy with employee-centric policies to increase retention.  

X0PA – A Candidate Relationship Management Tool for Positive Engagement and Beyond

X0PA is a SaaS platform powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). X0PA is a complete recruitment solution built to save significant cost and resource investment in hiring. This platform achieves results that were considered only recruitment goals till now.

A leading CRM for recruiters, X0PA enables stellar candidate engagement even before recruitment starts. This head-start gives you a competitive leverage in talent attraction. You can easily segment your talent pipeline in relevant buckets and engage them with relevant content.

With omni-channel communications, internal hiring portals, career fair management, and workflow automation, you can ensure your talent pool is active. Skill-based screening ensures that you have the top candidates. But you also do not miss skill-abled candidates with up-to-date skills.

With X0PA, you can identify potential under-valued talent pools, and nurture and leverage them to do more for you. Get maximum objectivity in hiring, expand your sourcing pools, and screen on skill-based parameters for hiring sustenance.  A candidate relationship management tool enables you to create personalized candidate experiences in recruitment and employment. Such experiences go a long way in nurturing candidate relationships. You can rely on these talent clusters to address your future hiring challenges. With interested candidates turning into loyal employees, your business is set for sure success.


How do you maintain relationships with candidates?

Maintaining candidate relationships is a great way to attract talents and brand attention. As with other relationships, candidate relationships too require honesty, attention, time and space, to grow and thrive. For the best results,
· Understand your candidate needs through the recruitment journey and beyond
· Engage with them with personalized interactions
· Communicate with them regularly

What tools for tracking and following up with candidates have you used?

A candidate relationship management or CRM tool has the potential to deliver great candidate experiences. CRM tools give you insights into candidate aspirations and relevant ways to engage with them.
CRM tools automate candidate engagement process, freeing up time for you to focus on strategies for better talent acquisition and retention.

What kinds of tools/ strategies could you use to select the best candidate?

A recruitment solution with in-built CRM capabilities such as X0PA can help you transform your hiring process while realizing better candidate management.

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