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Get rid of guesswork, inadvertent bias and other inaccuracies from your recruitment process.
An automated video interviewing solution , X0PA is all about making your screening simpler and better.

On-Demand Video Interview

With its 360-degree candidate view, self-scheduling, seamless integration, video recording, assessment retakes, and AI-powered video transcripts, X0PA does more than just video-ing. Get unbiased candidate inputs and make hiring decisions with maximized objectivity.

AI-Powered Two-way Matching

Employer Branding and Candidate Experience

Let candidates experience your brand all through! Rebrand X0PA’s assessment platform with your brand identity, free of cost. Create custom brand videos, virtual career fairs, and more, with X0PA’s superior brand integration features.

School Management

Assessment Builder

When it comes to hiring the best talents, you need more than your intuition to rely on. X0PA’s advanced Assessment Builder helps you discover candidates with excellent technical skills and personality strengths that align with your work culture.
Leverage X0PA’s AI-powered bias-immune hybrid assessments, anti-cheat capabilities, pre-built DISC psychometric tests, Soft Skill assessor, and more, to discover the right talents, fast.

Assessment builder

X0PA ROOM + Microsoft Teams Integration

Expand your existing technical capabilities without adding to the costs. X0PA has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your favorite video interviewing tools.
X0PA with Team offers heightened flexibility. Use X0PA features without exiting Teams. Set interview questions and make assessments with Teams chatbot. Manage and engage candidates through X0PA from Teams.

room +microsoft

X0PA makes recruitment smarter and stress-free with its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based video interviewing methodology. From automated interview scheduling to on demand video interview, in-depth candidate assessments, and thoughtful candidate engagement, this automated virtual interview software packs in exclusive features that transform your recruitment set-up.

Tech Mahindra

X0PA fit in very well as a solution for us because it gave us the ability to select the right candidate in terms of fitment into the culture, longevity and the ability to succeed.
X0PA for our recruitment team brought a method to the madness, with the predictive tool which runs on AI to look at the right candidates, to sift through CVs and hire the brightest candidates that would be doing well for us in our culture.

Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft is excited to see that X0PA has built an AI for recruitment that ensures the best candidate is selected for the job, and it removes unconscious bias from the process. Their proven technology takes a wide range of factors into it’s model which mean that employees are also matched well to the job ensuring happier, better performing employees and longer retention. Having a diverse workforce has been proven to improve company financials and X0PA helps companies to achieve this.

 Antal International Network, India

We had to move away from our previous CRM as it was bulky, slow loading, low on intelligence gathering and quite manual. X0PA overcame all these and we now have a solution that is working for us behind the scenes while the team is busy on their desks. It’s intelligent integrations, browser extensions and dashboards have made life a breeze for my team. We look forward to a long term, commercially successful partnership.

Harshvendra Soin
Chief People Officer
Tech Mahindra
Dr Ian McDonald
Worldwide Lead – Tech Engagement Team
Microsoft for Startups
Joseph Devasia
Managing Director,
Antal International Network, India

Are you Ready to Make your Hiring Bias-Free, Fast and Candidate-Friendly?

X0PA comes with multiple features that enable you to perform on-demand video interviewing and build comprehensive assessments. Plus, X0PA is capable of integrating with your existing video interviewing technology; you do not have to invest in extra systems to use X0PA.
How does X0PA transform your existing recruitment process?

Streamlines Candidate Screening

With X0PA’s on demand video interview capability, you can create a structured screening process. You can set the questions and the deadline uniformly, across the talent pool. X0PA works further by enabling you to assign preparation time for each question! So, each candidate knows what to expect from the interview process.
This structured approach ensures that all candidates are assessed fairly and equally. As there is a definite flow to the process, candidates and recruiters can save themselves unwanted last-minute surprises.

Facilitates In-Depth Assessment of Candidates

With X0PA’s interactive interviewing and one-way automated video interviewing, assessing candidates is easier, faster and effective. You can assess and re-assess videos to evaluate candidates.
The Assessment Builder of this automated video interviewing tool enables you to evaluate candidates using multiple media, including video, text, coding and multiple choice. XOPA features an in-built question library and Coding Assessments center to help you evaluate a candidate’s technical skills.
Assess candidates based on their behavioral and cognitive skills too. Given that verbal content accounts for only 7% of a candidate’s communication and a whopping 93% is based on his/ her body language, this assessment becomes crucial.
From posture to facial expressions, hand movements, eye contact, and pitch of voice, there are innumerable aspects that you can evaluate in a video interview than you can in a face-to-face meeting.
Non-resume aspects of a candidate such as soft skills may not be extensively visible or readily noticeable during in-face interviews. The task is made easier with video interviews. You can observe inconsistencies in candidate responses and screen them out before moving further through selection.

X0PA is built to make complex behavioral assessment easier for hiring managers. Power your assessments with X0PA’s in-built DISC psychometric tests and soft skill assessment tests. Get in-depth insights into a candidate’s soft skill profile. With X0PA’s artificial intelligence-powered integrity testing, identifying cheating candidates is easier than ever!

Increases Objectivity of your Hiring Process

Attracting the right talent demands a scientific process rather than a process that relies on guesswork, assumptions, and perceptions. With X0PA, you get a data-driven recruitment solution.
X0PA automated video interviewing software delivers candidate insights based on smarter AI techniques. These algorithms are trained to use your data assets to evaluate your business’ evolving recruitment needs. X0PA leverages AI-based personality assessments along with your recruitment parameters to create powerful candidate selection criteria. Getting all candidate insights is simple and quick with a comprehensive easy-to-use dashboard.
X0PA’s holistic assessment ensures that no right candidate is missed.

Ensures Fair Assessment and Concrete Judgement

Unconscious bias prevents you from attracting top talent and drags you away from your recruitment goals. Consistent non-results arising from such outdated recruitment process ruins your brand reputation and peer status. With X0PA, you can conduct fair assessments and evaluate your candidates with maximum objectivity.
With its AI and ML-based approach, X0PA facilitates:

  • Bias-free skill-based objective candidate shortlisting
  • Access to genuine candidate profile for recruiters, thanks to its anti-cheat capabilities
  • Availability of in-depth insights into client interviews with Video Transcripts (available in 72 languages)
  • Excellent pre-interview preparation for candidates with easy pre-interview guidance, ensuring fairness
  • Authentic candidate screening with OTP-based secured login capability
  • Review of candidate responses with video replay options
  • Increased chances of candidate success with video retake option
  • Unbiased screening with video masking scoring capability

Did you know X0PA can reduce bias by up to 80%?

Improves User Convenience with Automated Video Interview AI

  • X0PA facilitates automated video interview, also referred to as an asynchronous video interview. When you install X0PA video interview software, candidates are capable of attending an interview via video. Your hiring managers can get candidates to answer questions set for the interview in a video format.
  • This automated interview method is highly convenient for candidates as they can attend interviews without having to travel, saving travel expense costs for the company. X0PA facilitates one-way video interviews, which means your candidates can send in their recorded video answering your interview questions.
  • X0PA takes the video interviewing process further on the convenience scale with its self-scheduling feature. The automated video interviewing system will assign a convenient schedule based on your event calendar. Clear scheduling without clashes and last-minute chaos!
  • X0PA saves recruiting time and costs without compromising interview quality or diminishing the fairness of your process.
  • With statistics showing that a corporate job vacancy attracts about 250 resumes, imagine the time and resources you can save with an automated video interviewing platform. Whether you are mass-hiring for a blue-collar hiring requirement or conducting campus interviews, X0PA interviewing platform can save you thousands of hours and dollars!

Promotes a Collaborative Process of Recruitment

  • Often, a collective view offers deeper insights into a candidate’s match for your company. In such cases, collaboration is essential. In traditional hiring methods, factors such as geographical distance or illness can play spoilsport to efficient collaboration.
  • With X0PA’s video automated interview platform, you can invite multiple recruiting managers to collaborate on a hiring project. Managers can participate in the video interviewing process simultaneously from their comfort zones.
  • With X0PA, expertise is always handy! Whether you want another expert eye on an asynchronous video of a candidate or need help to prepare video interview questions, get it all done with a click.

Allows for Easy Installation and Seamless Integration

  • We equate technology with efficiency, which is why we create tech solutions that elevate your existing tech repository and not add to your expenses.
  • With X0PA, expect seamless integration with your existing processes. Installation is pretty quick – you can power your recruitment process within minutes! The user interface is simple and easy to understand and there is a customized dashboard for insights.
  • The best part, though, is X0PA’s ability to integrate with your existing recruitment tools. You can access the complete benefits of X0PA Room in integration with your existing tools.
  • Above all, your interface can be customized to your brand. This means your candidates can connect with your brand as soon as they login into the video interview platform. This customization boosts candidate’s proximity to your brand even though they are using a virtual video interview platform.

Boosts your Employer Branding

  • Did you know you can bring your recruiting costs down by 43% if you maintain a strong brand?
  • Your recruiting methodology communicates a lot about your brand. With X0PA as your automated video interviewing platform, you will be transforming your entire recruitment process, for the better.
  • X0PA makes the entire recruitment process simple, effective and exciting for your recruiting managers and candidates. From helping you assess skills objectively to enabling you to screen candidates based on multiple relevant factors, X0PA ensures that your recruitment process is comprehensive and in-depth.
  • By reducing unconscious bias, X0PA ensures that you give all candidates equally fair opportunity. More importantly, it ensures that you do not miss the right candidate!
  • 82% of organizations used virtual interviews during the pandemic in 2021. A whopping 93% of employers want to continue using virtual interviews regardless of the pandemic. 77% hiring managers believe that a virtual hiring process improves the interview experience of candidates significantly. 74% employers say virtual hiring improves the speed of hiring process while 79% say virtual hiring simplifies recruitment on a whole.
  • Video interview is here to stay. An asynchronous video interview or live video interview succeeds because it gives you the story behind the candidate.
  • Recruitment is all about the right connection with the right individuals. With X0PA, you can remove the superficiality of human connections and attract talents that walk the talk with you in realizing your vision.


How do you automate a video interview?

  • Automation requires the use of an automated video interviewing software, such as X0PA. Once installed, you’ll be able to give candidates the capability to record their answers for an interview.
  • With X0PA, you can go beyond and customize every step of your recruitment process. You can conduct multiple one-way recorded interviews simultaneously through X0PA Room. You can also conduct a live 2-way interview by integrating X0PA with Teams, Zoom or other video software.

How does an automated video interview work?

  • An automated video interview employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate your recruitment process. It pre-screens candidates for video interviews, enables you to conveniently schedule interviews, and screens candidates based on preset manual and AI-based parameters. Candidates are given specific pre-set questions for which they need to video-record their answers.
  • The software then sends a profile sheet of each candidate interviewed, detailing his/ her technical, personality, and behavioral aspects. With feature-exclusive automated virtual software such as X0PA, you can make recruitment a thorough, stress-free, fair and exciting journey for all involved.

Who Uses Video Interviewing Software?

A video interviewing software is a great tool for recruiters looking to attract right talents, hire faster and reduce recruitment costs. With X0PA, recruiters get a next-gen recruitment solution that ensures right hire at the right time.

Crossing the Hiring Challenge with X0PA ROOM