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Automated candidate screening- Data-Driven Screening with no Human Bias and Errors

  • Screen Candidates Faster
  • Discover Talents with Future-Oriented
  • Build a Reliable Workforce

X0PA’s automated candidate screening empowers you with the resources you need to build your A-team.

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Automated candidate screening-  Data-Driven Screening with no Human Bias and Errors

Achieve Maximized Objectivity in Candidate Screening

83% jobseekers prioritize workplace diversity as a key job acceptance factor. Rely on X0PA’s masked hiring attribute and data-driven insights to amplify objectivity in your screening process.

AI Powered Screening

Hire Candidates on Current Skills and Future Performance

A candidate may be a top talent. But the talent draws less utility for your company if he/ she job-hops or fails to perform in the future.

Use X0PA’s predictive analysis, stability index and performance predictors, to evaluate the long-term worth of a candidate to your company. 

Engage Candidates Early

Early candidate engagement is key to creating loyalty in top talents for your brand. Start engaging candidates with X0PA’s automated, personalized and omni-channel communications. Develop powerful candidate engagement channels with minimal manual efforts.

X0PA ensures corporate branding at every candidate touch point for a seamless brand experience.

Omni channel

Candidate screening process is the early stage of candidate evaluation. Candidates applying for a job are assessed for their suitability to the job based on their resume. A compatibility check between job requirements and candidate resume, is performed.

Selected candidates progress to the next stage of evaluation. This step typically involves interviews with hiring managers and recruiters, which may lead eventual hiring of the right candidate.    

Candidate screening process is a crucial stage of recruitment as it offers preliminary insights into candidate skills, performance and personality. The traditional approach of manual screening involves enormous time-spending. As manual intervention is high, the risk of missing talented candidates through the cracks and gaps is also high.

Employers are turning to automated candidate screening for a more elaborate, time-saving and efficient screening process. 

There is a rising preference among employers and recruiters to employ AI-powered application screening software given the benefits. 

The relevance of recruitment automation solutions such as X0PA is becoming significant following the increase of automated candidate screening.

Automated Candidate Screening Explained

An application screening software gets into action even before hiring managers or recruiters view candidate applications. An automated screening tool shortlists candidates on specified parameters, including skills, education, and other primary qualifications essential for the job.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm evaluates candidates for better fitment by going through the resume of the candidate. The algorithm compares resume skills with job requirements and makes a match upon fitment.

In advanced admission screening software such as X0PA, there are ranking and scoring systems you can leverage to find the most suitable candidates. Candidates that meet the job requirements are scored based on their extent of fitment to desired qualifications.

Advanced methods for screening candidates also specify the reasons a candidate is more suitable than another. These AI-powered tools furnish fact-based evidence to back their decision.

Performed manually, screening takes up hours of recruiters’ time. But with an automated candidate screening process, the entire operation takes less than an hour! You get to understand a candidate within minutes without even viewing their resumes or cover letters.

Recruiters can focus their valuable time on developing strategies for faster hiring and better candidate engagement.

Automated Candidate Screening Helps Overcome Traditional Screening Challenges

There are challenges hiring managers face with the traditional (manual) way of addressing the screening tasks. A rigorous process is crucial to overcome these challenges and prevent them from diminishing candidate experience and your employer brand.

Veracity Assessment

You cannot be certain if the details that a candidate’s resume carry are true and accurate. There may be fraudulent candidates that lie about their qualifications, credentials, professional experience, and even personal details. Without veracity assessment, there is the risk of hiring fraudulent people and unqualified candidates.

Accurate Evaluation of Skillsets

A resume is a detailed professional profile of a candidate. The document offers primary details about a candidate’s skills and qualifications. But it can be hard to evaluate if a candidate meets the desired qualifications going by the resume alone. 

There is still the risk of drawing in wrong candidates and investing time and efforts on them.

Evaluation of Cultural Fitment

A resume may fill you in with details about the technical skills of a candidate. But would the candidate fit in culturally? Does the candidate have the essential communication skills, adaptability and a team-oriented attitude needed to work in your company?

This is an evaluation you cannot make through manual screening. An inability to evaluate on this parameter can end up in a wrong hire. With a bad hire costing anywhere between $17, 000 and $240, 000, this is a mistake you would want to avoid.

Too Many Applications 

Having to go through hundreds of applications is time-intensive and resource-consuming. Shortlisting eligible candidates from a voluminous lot is overwhelming, slow, and prone to errors. There is the risk of missing truly remarkable candidates in the chaos of application volume and management.

Also, with a higher volume, you cannot afford the luxury of time each resume deserves. This inability makes your recruitment process unfair for candidates.

Shortage of Skilled Candidates

Too few applications are as bad as too many. 

Talent shortage is a reality of recruitment, and it is on the rise. 45% of employers worldwide say that they are unable to find candidates with the required skillset. It can be difficult to find an exact fitment to a role in the face of increasing talent shortage.

You could benefit from widening your talent pool and reach out to sourcing channels you may not have tried before. (Did you know about these top sourcing channels?)

Lack of Data-Driven Insights

A 360-degree view of a candidate is key to making a great hire. When a candidate reaches the final stages of recruitment, screening data and insights can serve as a major deciding factor. 

Insights derived during the screening stage enable hiring managers to make a better candidate assessment and frame their interviews accordingly. This data-driven approach leads to enhanced candidate assessment at every stage, leading to high-quality hire.

A manual screening process presents fewer chances for such data-driven assessments. 

How Automated Candidate Screening Empowers?

An application screening software does what recruiters do manually. But the screening platform does the task faster and better. It also adds incredible value to your hiring process, which is not possible with manual intervention.

Delivers an Impressive Time-to-Output 

Going through thousands of applications for meticulous vetting of candidates is faster with an automated candidate screening process. This jet-fast screening reduces your work volume enormously. You can save substantial staff efforts and work hours.

With automation, your HR department can save 14 hours a week, which they would otherwise lose by manually completing those tasks.

With automation, it is easier to meet your talent acquisition targets. You can use the time to push candidates further through the recruitment funnel. You can also invest time in engaging with candidates that could not make it to your list, but show great potential.

With incredibly faster screening and a remarkable ability to deliver quality hires, automated candidate screening converts every recruiter’s dream into a reality.

Imparts Greater Efficiency in Prioritizing Candidates

A whopping 75% of applicants are unsuitable for the jobs they apply, say recruiters. Weeding out unsuitable applications is a difficult part of candidate screening. Sifting through hundreds of applications and relegating them, is a waste of valuable workhours and loss of efficiency.

With an automated application screening software, you can easily prioritize applications that suit the role best. With technologically-forward screening platforms such as X0PA, the task becomes even easier as scoring and prioritizing are automated.

Achieve Reduced Time-to-Hire  

60% of candidates move out of a hiring process at the application stage if the process is complex or time-consuming. If you are aiming to give your candidates an excellent hiring experience, then a shorter and speedier screening is essential.

Screening is one of the most work-intensive and time-consuming tasks of recruitment. And yet, the efforts invested do not yield proportionate results. You waste hours of efforts to gather just basic details of candidates.

AI-powered methods for screening candidates help you accomplish hundred times more in the time taken for manual candidate screening. 

As your screening process gains acceleration, other processes in the recruitment funnel, gain momentum, leading to speedy hiring. Given the advanced parameters of selection in automated screeners, the quality of the hire is not compromised for speed.

Enables you to Build a More DEI-Oriented Hiring Process

Manual candidate screening poses the risk of bias, errors and prejudice. Bias can emanate from as simple a parameter as the choice of colors or words in a candidate’s resume. It can extend to more sensitive parameters such as gender, age and race.

By deploying an automated candidate screening process, you can eliminate any human bias at the outset itself. You disallow the spread of such bias to subsequent phases in the recruitment chain.

New generation application screening software programs such as X0PA are built to deliver maximum objectivity. They incorporate abilities such as masked hiring, which eliminates any conscious and unconscious bias based on PII or Personal Identifiable Information.

X0PA, in particular, employs Model Bias Analysis to understand different types of bias and detect them. Propensity Score Matching is used to ensure that the outcomes are unbiased to the maximum.

X0PA is analyzed on a regular basis for potential biased behavior. It is then retrained to develop a widened perspective, and deliver optimal unbiased outcomes.

Powers you to Scale Recruitment on Demand

Businesses encounter intensive growth phases, which present the need for rapid and extensive hiring. It is imperative for businesses to be rapidly responsive to such growth phases to succeed, sustain and reinvent.

Relying on a manual screening process prevents you from leveraging such opportunities of growth. With a robust automated candidate screening platform, you can scale your hiring on demand. An automated screener enables you to hire the best people, and grasp the opportunity for growth before your competition does. 

Give Candidates a Positive Hiring Experience

An automated admission screening software makes screening faster, better and unbiased.

A manual process can shatter the confidence of candidates with its inherent risks of bias, negligence and errors. The efficiency of automated screening, on the contrary, builds trust in candidates for your process. Candidates are more confident and well-prepared, which enables them to give their best performance.

An automated candidate screening process is the start of a positive candidate experience that can build credibility for your brand. Such experiences improve your opportunities for attracting top talents and retaining them.

Other significant benefits of an automated candidate screening platform that prove valuable in the long run, include:

·      Build Potential Candidate Profiles – Not every application that reaches you is a best fit. Still, these applicants are not irrelevant. You can build a talent pool by drawing relevant insights into these profiles.

If a candidate has skillsets that you believe can be valuable to your team, then the profile can be added to your talent pool. Such candidates can be engaged over time and hired for a future role that fits them better. (Know more about engaging candidates through talent acquisition.)

·      Facilitate Collective Inputs on Candidate Assessments – A high-quality hire is often the result of a collective effort, involving recruiters and hiring teams. Manual screening can often disrupt communications between stakeholders, leaving out key information that can lead to a good hire.

With automated screeners, communications are shared batter and inputs are incorporated faster, leading to thorough assessments and best hires.

·      Screen Candidates for Skills Your Team May Need Assistance with – Some roles may demand skills that need evaluation by an expert. If your team is not experienced in such evaluation, then an automated candidate screening software can offer valuable assistance.

Automated tools are trained to shortlist candidates on a variety of parameters, which makes them efficient at such expert screening.


Data-driven hiring and recruitment automation are emerging as key differentiators for employers. 50% companies already employ AI-based solutions for sourcing and screening.

AI-powered recruitment automation saves extensive workload for recruiters and enables them to address their talent acquisition needs more efficiently. Complex operations such as candidate screening become simpler and faster with AI-powered automation.

Complete recruitment solutions such as X0PA present a reliable solution for recruiters looking to improve their processes. Built to maximize objectivity in hiring, this SaaS platform facilitates automated candidate screening. You can widen your sourcing network, automate key hiring workflows and manage virtual hiring.X0PA enables you to do more at every stage of your end-to-end recruitment process.
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