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  • CV Relevance
  • Predictive Stability
  • Predictive Performance
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Enhancing Campus Hiring with AI

Educational Institutes often struggle with how to efficiently and effectively select students.
Through X0PA’s algorithms, we enhance the optimal allocation of students to jobs while enhancing placement rates for institutes and hiring better-fit students to employer jobs.


We use AI and Machine Learning to score and rank talent.
Using a 2-way proprietary matching algorithm, X0PA takes into consideration the students’ preferences and skills to identify the best-fit student for each internship or graduate role based on X0PA’s patented algorithms.

key features

  • AI-powered two-way matching
  • School Management
  • Student Management
  • Employer Onboarding
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Xopa Benefits

Save significant time and cost of hiring while
maintaining objectivity in hiring

  • Easily Manage Stakeholders on the Platform
  • Enhance Efficiency of Hiring at Scale
  • Enhanced Pre-Screening and Selection Process
  • Consolidated Platform for all Hiring Activities
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