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X0I, pronounced as zo-i-ee, is a Chatbot developed by X0PA. X0I integrates with the a 

company’s career page, websites, applicant tracking systems or other HR and CRM 

systems for a seamless and interactive candidate pre-screening process.


CV Parsing

Resume parsing of candidate CV in Microsoft Word document format or PDF format to extract candidates' skills, experience and other details.

Question Bank creation

Easily create and build up question banks for pre-screening for roles. Users then have the capability to choose from questions in the question banks for each role that they are hiring for.

Customisable Pre-Screening Questions

Users can set up and configure pre-screening questions defined by users with multiple choice or open text questions. In the case of managed clients or vendors, pre-screening questions can also be configured specific to each agency or company requirements.

Customisable Scoring Matrix

Users can define the scoring matrix to score and rank candidates and the criteria for shortlisting candidates.

Real-time Notifications

Recruiters will be informed of candidate tasks completion status in real time upon candidate completion. Candidates will be informed of their application status in real time upon being shortlisted or rejected.

Real-time Analytics

Dedicated dashboards to view the scoring and details of candidates. Reports are also easily generated and can be extracted for ease of sharing with the external wider team.


Use Cases

Blue Collar Hiring

  • Interviewing via recorded video interviews with preset questions from employers
  • Assessments via text, multiple choice, video or hybrid questions
  • Assess multiple candidates at once
  • No CVs required for assessing candidates
  • AI analytics on language and tone analytics

Mass Screening & Hiring

  • User-defined multiple-choice questionnaire to rank and filter candidates based on user-defined cut-off criteria
  • Automated scoring, rankings and pass/fail feature

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users can streamline the hiring process by enabling multiple rounds of pre-screening to generate a final list of the most qualified candidates. Bear in mind however, that having too many pre-screening questions can be cumbersome for candidates so you want to focus on incorporating the most critical questions.

Company users can set up a mix of short text, long text as well as multiple choice type questions in the pre-screening assessment.

X0I can integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), CRM systems, other HR systems and the like. Once a candidate applies with a CV and answers the pre-screening questions, the information would then be stored on the respective systems that X0I is integrated with the Pass or Fail indication on the profile as well as the candidate details collected from X0I’s pre-screening interaction with the candidate. If companies use X0PA’s AI Recruiter Platform, the information collected would then seamlessly flow and be stored in the AI Recruiter Platform.

At present, X0I collects all information from the candidate through the chatbot interaction and stores that on the candidate profile on the integrated platform. This allows the users to then decide if they wish to take the candidate further through the application process. However, if companies desire to, a knock-out function would be able to configured prior.

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