Virtual Career Fair

A Microsite on the AI Recruiter platform for Virtual Career Fairs and Hiring

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VCF - Virtual Career Fair

X0PA’s Virtual Career Fair feature allows recruiters to easily increase the visibility of
their jobs, widen their candidate pool and automatically assess and pre-screen
candidates at scale.


Bulk Hiring

Companies are able to push several jobs to advertise and prioritise for their virtual career fair. Companies can create multiple jobs at once on the platform. If they are using X0PA's AI recruiter, they can search for the jobs already posted on the platform and add those to the virtual career fair.

Interview multiple candidates at once

The Virtual Career Fair Feature integrates with X0PA ROOM, X0PA's hybrid video interview and assessment platform. ROOM enables companies to interview multiple candidates at once through its one-way recorded interview functionality enabling companies to scale their interview and hiring process seamlessly.

Customisable to Corporate Branding

Companies are able to brand their virtual career fair feature with their logos and banners for consistency with their corporate branding.

Create a talent pool for future engagement

Companies can add talent from the virtual career fairs to their talent pool and easily organise, manage and engage with the talent. This enables companies to nurture and build a qualified talent pipeline to fill the immediate and future roles in the business.

Customisable application forms and questions

Users can customise the application forms to pre-screen candidates. Questions can be customised in the form of text, video, multiple choice, yes/no and a hybrid combination of the same.

Pre-screening via Chatbot

Through its integration with X0I, X0I will greet the candidate, collect and parse their CV, then pre-screen the candidate CV upon application based on the user-defined questions and scoring matrix set-up.


Use Cases

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Virtual Career Fair Microsite is an employer-run virtual career fair (VCF). The company has total control and flexibility of the event – duration for VCF, how many VCFs to run, number of jobs to advertise, etc.

No, the VCF feature works as a standalone feature but can be enhanced via the integration with ROOM and the Chatbot, X0I. In addition, if you wish to manage your hiring better, purchasing the AI Recruiter would further enhance the pre-screening and talent management capabilities. The VCF feature can be purchased on a per event basis and does not need to be based on a per year subscription license. Get in touch with us for more details on the pricing plans. 

The VCF feature integrates with the AI Recruiter platform such that the algorithms for scoring and ranking candidates on their CV relevance, candidate loyalty and performance metrics are applicable. Typically, companies will only add these qualified candidates (that have passed the chatbot pre-screening and have high scores) to their talent pool. They can then easily organise the talent into buckets and engage with them for current or future roles within the company.

Companies can host multiple VCFs and they will be able to track which candidates are coming from which VCF sources. Companies can also determine the successes and engagements of the specific VCF through consolidated analytics such as looking at the number of applicants, interviews conducted, jobs filled right down to the skills and demographics of the applicants.

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