Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Effectively and efficiently manage the end-to-end recruitment processes for RPO managed clients


X0PA provides RPO services for RPO providers to help them effectively and efficiently manage the end-to-end recruitment processes for their managed clients. The RPO platform is enhanced from the AI Recruiter platform to enable seamless multi stakeholder management.

X0PA to Minimize the Logistics

With X0PA's RPO, companies can minimize the logistical concerns and matters so that they can focus their
efforts on delivering the best-fit candidates for their clients based on their client's specifications.


Enhanced mass hiring and selection via AI-powered, scoring and ranking talents

X0PA's RPO is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) SaaS platform that aims to save significant time and cost of hiring while maintaining objectivity in hiring. We use AI and Machine Learning to source, score and rank talent to identify the best-fit candidate for each company and role based on X0PA’s patented algorithms in 3 key areas:

- CV Relevance
- Predictive Performance
- Predictive Loyalty

The RPO platform also allows bulk hiring through:

AI talent sourcing to build qualified talent pool of candidates

On the RPO platform, companies can add their partners to the platform, ensuring deduping of CVs (i.e. no duplication of CVs captured) and fitment of profiles to jobs.

Seamless Candidate Management and Engagement

Via SMS and VoIP Integrations

Seamless Vendor Management and Collaboration on projects

Vendors can work with companies as collaborators on the platform, participating in the recruitment process. Companies can easily onboard vendors, track candidates sourced by vendors and monitor their performance.

Interview Workflow Automation

Companies can save significant time through eliminating tedious manual tasks in hiring processes so that they can focus on the tasks that matter, i.e the interviewing of the candidate.

Customisable pre-screening forms, assessments, interview process

To cater to each managed clients' hiring specifications.

Build and manage candidate talent pool

The RPO platform also enables companies to build and nurture a highly-qualified candidate talent pool for hiring as well as easily organize and manage the candidate talent pool across their clients.

Virtual career fair and hiring

Companies can create a virtual career fair microsite for each of their managed clients. Companies can easily manage and track the performance across the virtual career fairs.

Customised "Address Book" feature

Companies can add and manage client contact details, as well as capture client contracts and manage payment terms and contracts.

Real-time AI-driven analytics and insights

Create extractable funnel reports and analyse existing pipelines of jobs, monitor hiring status, acquisition time and the like. This allows companies to have visibility of their performance across their various clients and easily share hiring status updates with their clients.

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RPO Benefits

Use Cases

Companies who adopted it

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (X0PA for RPO)

  • AI Pre-Screening
  • Talent Pool
  • End-to-end Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Process
  • Microsite
  • Chatbot
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Smart Scheduler

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no limit. However, the pricing plan will go upwards as the number of stakeholders increased. Get in touch with us for more details on the pricing plans.

Unlike the AI Recruiter platform, the RPO platform enables companies to not just define the specific selection parameters for incoming CVs but also to define the RAG (red, amber, green) tagging parameters so that they can easily prioritise the applicants meeting their specifications.

The VOIP Integration enables companies to call candidates through the platform and can even integrate with third parties while the SMS integration allows companies to contact candidates through SMS and whatsapp messaging.

The AI scheduler allows automatic interview scheduling, creating events and recruitment drives on calendar, enabling self scheduling by candidates as well as third party scheduling as well.

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