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Microsite & Virtual Career Fairs

A microsite on the AI recruiter platform for Virtual Career Fairs and Hiring
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Microsite & Virtual Career Fairs

Enhance your recruitment strategy with a dedicated microsite for virtual career fairs and hiring, powered by our AI recruiter platform.

Key Features

  • Bulk Hiring Capabilities
  • Simultaneous Multi-Candidate Interviews
  • Customizable Corporate Branding

Streamline Bulk Hiring

Our platform simplifies the process of bulk hiring for your virtual career fairs. With the ability to push multiple job postings at once, you can easily advertise and prioritize vacancies. If you’re already using X0PA’s AI recruiter, you can seamlessly search for jobs posted on the platform and include them in your virtual career fair.

Interview Multiple Candidates Simultaneously

The Virtual Career Fair feature integrates with X0PA ROOM, our hybrid video interview and assessment platform. This integration allows you to interview multiple candidates at once with the one-way recorded interview functionality. Scale your interview and hiring process seamlessly, saving time and improving efficiency.

Align with Your Corporate Branding

Maintain consistency with your corporate branding by customizing the virtual career fair feature. Add your company logos and banners to create a branded and unified experience that aligns with your corporate identity.

Interactive and Engaging Virtual Environment

Experience a virtual career fair like no other with our intuitive and engaging platform. Candidates can navigate through the virtual environment easily, accessing company booths, and engaging in real-time with potential employers. This interactive experience mimics the atmosphere of a physical job fair, connecting candidates and recruiters in a dynamic virtual setting.

Effective Data Tracking and Analytics

Our platform offers comprehensive data tracking and analytics to give you valuable insights into the success of your virtual career fair. Monitor key metrics such as attendee engagement, booth visits, and job applications to understand candidate behavior and preferences. Use these insights to refine your recruitment strategy and improve the effectiveness of future career fairs.

24/7 Accessibility for Global Reach

Our platform offers 24/7 accessibility, allowing candidates from all over the world to participate in your virtual career fair at a time that suits them. This opens up your recruitment to a global talent pool, increasing the diversity of your candidates and offering a wider range of skills and experiences.

Easy Setup and Management

Setting up your virtual career fair is simple and straightforward with our user-friendly platform. Upload your job listings, customize your booth, and manage your event all from one place. Our dedicated support team is also on hand to help with any queries or issues, ensuring a smooth and successful event.

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