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Chatbot- Meet X0I!

Streamline your recruitment process and engage with candidates more effectively using X0PA’s AI Chatbot. Our advanced AI chatbot pre-screens candidates, ensuring relevance, stability, and performance in your candidate pool.

Key Features:

  1. Engages candidates with an interactive FAQ bot: Our AI chatbot, X0I, warmly greets the candidate and collects their CV, parsing it to gather crucial information for your recruitment process.
  2. Customizable pre-screening of candidates: X0PA’s AI Chatbot pre-screens candidate CVs upon application based on the user-defined questions and scoring matrix set-up, ensuring a perfect fit for your role.
  3. Simplified application process: Our chatbot enhances the interaction with candidates, making the application process more engaging, efficient, and user-friendly.

Leverage the power of AI in your recruitment process with X0PA’s AI Chatbot. Simplify your hiring workflow and ensure you get the right fit for your roles every time. Schedule a demo with us today and revolutionize your recruitment process.

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