Objective hiring platform
enabled through analytics
and AI technology

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  • CV Relevance
  • Predictive Performance
  • Predictive Loyalty

Transforming hiring & recruitment into a science with AI

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) SaaS platform that aims to save significant time and cost
of hiring while maintaining objectivity in hiring

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AI-Driven Talent Sourcing

AI-Enhanced Talent Acquisition Experience a revolution in talent sourcing with X0PA’s AI-driven recruitment platform. Access an expansive database containing over […]

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AI-Powered Screening

AI-Driven Candidate Scoring with Patented Algorithms Our AI-powered resume screening tool, backed by our patented algorithms, harnesses the power of […]

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Candidate Re-discovery

Embrace the power of AI with X0PA’s Candidate Rediscovery feature. This cutting-edge tool revolutionizes your recruitment process by delving into […]

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Job Board Integrations

Experience effortless job distribution with our AI-powered tool, seamlessly integrating with over 2000 job boards. Key Features Simplify Job Posting […]

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Workflow & Process Automation

Embrace efficiency with X0PA AI Recruiter’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities. By automating manual tasks, your team can focus on […]

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Candidate Experience & Employer Branding

Create a memorable candidate journey with customized recruitment flows that reflect your unique brand. Key Features White Label Your Recruitment […]

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Chatbot- Meet X0I!

Streamline your recruitment process and engage with candidates more effectively using X0PA’s AI Chatbot. Our advanced AI chatbot pre-screens candidates, […]

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Microsite & Virtual Career Fairs

Enhance your recruitment strategy with a dedicated microsite for virtual career fairs and hiring, powered by our AI recruiter platform. […]

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Offer & Onboarding

Navigating the complexities of employee offers and onboarding can be a daunting task. With X0PA AI’s innovative offer and onboarding […]

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Omni-Channel Communication 

Streamline your recruitment communication with our comprehensive and unbiased volume screening platform. Key Features Reach Candidates Via Multiple Channels Our […]

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) & Objective Hiring

Revolutionizing Hiring with AI for Fairness and Objectivity Discover X0PA’s AI-powered DEI & Objective Hiring platform. Enhance your recruitment process […]

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Vendor Management

Experience seamless vendor management and collaboration on projects with our AI-driven platform. Key Features Collaborative Recruitment with Vendors Our platform […]

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Data Driven Hiring & Insights

Our intuitive dashboards, powered by Microsoft Power BI, provide a clear and comprehensive visualization of your recruitment activities. Custom Reports […]

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Internal Hiring

Internal Hiring: Streamlining Career Progression within Your Organization Harness the potential of your existing workforce with X0PA’s AI-driven Internal Hiring […]

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End-to-end recruitment powered by Predictive Analytics

X0PA removes bias and human errors from traditional hiring processes. Customize your hiring process with AI Recruiter to ensure diverse hiring and best cultural fit.

Additional key features

  • Job creation
  • Collaboration and Approvals
  • Advertisement
  • Sourcing
  • Screening and Shortlisting
  • Interview and Assessment
  • Evaluation & Onboarding
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Xopa Benefits

Save significant time and cost of hiring while
maintaining objectivity in hiring

  • Enhance Candidate Retention
  • Ensure High-Performing Hires
  • Enhance Efficiency of Hiring
  • Easily Scale Hiring
  • Customisable to Specifications
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