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Objective hiring platform enabled through analytics and AI technology

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Recruiters and Hiring Managers often struggle with how to build and scale bigger and better teams. Hiring often includes time, money and resources spent and sifting through hundreds of CVs; missing out on quality hires due to human errors and bias.

AI Recruiter

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) SaaS platform that aims to save significant time and cost of hiring while maintaining objectivity in hiring. We use AI and Machine Learning to source, score and rank talent to identify the best-fit candidate for each company and role based on X0PA’s patented algorithms

Predictive Analytics

X0PA can predict candidate retention and performance, enabling companies to make the best-informed hiring decisions. X0PA combines advanced algorithms, predictive analytics, natural language processing and robotic process automation (RPA) to scale the recruiting process.

Through smart in-built automation, X0PA removes bias and human errors from traditional hiring processes. Our solution is fully customizable so that you can drill down into the specifics of your hiring, from diversity hiring to hiring the best cultural fit.


Inclusive Hiring

The Inclusive Hiring feature utilizes ethical artificial intelligence in its components to reduce up to 80% of biases in hiring processes, opening the door to diversity and inclusion in HR practices.

When using the AI Recruiter platform, recruiters can enable Inclusive Hiring which includes features such as:

Hiring automation via Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The AI Recruiter utilises RPA in its processes. Through this feature, companies can save significant time through eliminating tedious manual tasks in their hiring processes, so that they can focus on the tasks that matter i.e the interviewing of the candidate.

Automation is enabled throughout the platform through various processes including :

Automated Candidate Sourcing
via AI Sourcing

The AI Recruiter also allows companies to source for the best fit candidates for their roles. X0PA has integrated with third party providers to enhance its candidate sourcing capabilities. Companies can thus get access to more than 750 million profiles, ultimately funnelling the best-fit candidates directly into their ATS.

The AI Recruiter can source for candidates from more than 40 platforms from the open web such as:

Automated Job Matching & Candidate Recommendations via AI-Powered Retargeting

With the AI Recruiter platform, companies can tap into their talent pool, rediscover candidates in their existing talent pool and retarget them for current or future roles that they are best suited for.

The AI scores candidates in the existing talent pool based on X0PA’s patented algorithms and recommends candidates who are a strong fit for the open roles in a company.

Enhanced Employer Branding and Candidate Engagement

The AI Recruiter deployed can be white-labelled to maintain corporate branding. Candidate engagement via emails can be personalised and automated for a seamless candidate experience with minimal effort and human intervention. The AI Recruiter also enables companies to nurture and engage with their talent pools, building candidate loyalty to companies and enhancing their employer branding.

Highly customisable platform

The capabilities of the AI Recruiter Platform are limitless. The AI recruiter is highly customisable such that companies can drill down into specific analytics that they require, tailored to their specifications. There are several other levels of customisations that can be done as well in the areas of integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems or Job Boards, White Labelling, right down to the language customisation.


Save significant time and cost of hiring while maintaining objectivity in hiring

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Frequently Asked Questions

X0PA’s AI Recruiter works as a Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing subscription and serves as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The AI Recruiter can work as a standalone solution or can be integrated to other ATS, CRM or Employee Databases.

The AI parses a candidate’s CV and assesses it against the Job Description (JD) for the role.

CV Relevance: The candidate’s CV is assessed on 5 key sub-factors to determine the strength of the match of the profile to the job, i.e skill match, job function, keyword match, location and seniority match

Loyalty: A predictive analytic to assess the candidate retention probabilities. Candidates are assessed by the length of their job tenures and are benchmarked against the industry standards, factoring in industry and geographical variations

A predictive analytic to assess the candidate performance probabilities. Candidates are assessed on their career trajectory and are benchmarked against peers from the same job category (experience, education, etc.)

The AI Recruiter is not a Job Board and as such does not provide candidate CVs. That said, companies are able to use the AI Recruiter to collect incoming CVs from applications, source for CVs via AI sourcing as well as retarget candidates within their existing talent pool.

Based on the JD posted, upon activating the AI sourcing feature, a list of candidates matching the criteria of the role will be generated. These will be pulled from a combination of more than 40 open-sourced platforms. Users would be able to view the profile in more detail, view their social media profiles and engage with them via email or via their social media links.

Once candidates are added to the pipeline, they will scored against the CV relevance, loyalty and performance metrics. Users would also be prompted to provide feedback of the candidate fit against the list of candidate profiles generated. Over time, the Machine Learning algorithms, will adjust and learn the preferences of the user to fine tune the list of candidates generated to the user’s preferences.

The AI Recruiter taps into a company’s existing talent pool to help them to build and nurture their talent pool and optimise their talent. In a typical hiring process, CVs of candidates who were not successful for a role would be discarded with no future considerations. With the AI Recruiter, past candidate applications who were not successful will be automatically matched and recommended to be considered for other roles in the company that they are a better fit for and will be scored against the CV relevance, loyalty and performance metrics.

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