Scholarship Allocation for Academia

Upholding Scholastic Values with Revolutionary AI Technology. Fair and ethical machine learning is paving the way for a diverse, inclusive, and prosperous future for all.


University scholarship programmes are life-changing events for young minds eager to utilise their skills and knowledge to further their development and benefit society.
Unfortunately, scholarship allocation tends to be a manual and arduous process that leaves plenty of room for human error and decisions based on bias and subjectivity.

The Solution

With ethical machine learning and AI technology from X0PA, university admissions officers and administrators are equipped with the tools and resources to make fair judgements based on quantifiable and objective metrics that translate into successful futures.

Our solutions include adding a range of curated & proctored personality assessments to the selection process.

Elevated University Standards

When you match the most qualified candidate to their desired scholarship program, you are ensuring a higher scholarship success rate.

Selection Automation

Sifting through thousands of letters and studying qualification criterias are a thing of the past. With X0PA, adaptive AI and ML algorithms are designed to learn your requirements while letting you customise a wide-range of data elements that take untold time out of your workflow processes.

Real-Time Networking

With built-in, real-time networking capabilities between students and admissions, you can conduct interviews, answer questions, and become familiar with candidates while making selections all on a single platform.

2-way Machine Algorithm

X0PA processes data via a “two-way matching algorithm” that determines the optimal candidate based on capability and compatibility for any position.

How does it work?

Scholarship Allocation with X0PA

By utilising advanced AI and ML algorithms to produce capability and compatibility statements, we use student preferences, qualifications, and university standards, to shortlist and match qualified recipients against a broad spectrum of scholarship types instantly and in real-time.

Hire with knowledge.
Hire with confidence.
Hire with scientific precision.

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Ethical AI

At X0PA, we are proud of the fact that we are using one of our most sensitive technologies for good: bringing people together with the jobs they want and the organizations that want them.

Maximised retention and performance

Hiring the best possible candidates will ensure both company and employees are happy, leading to improved performance, job satisfaction, and ultimately retention.

Equal Opportunities

Our AI and algorithms use objective, scientific data when matching candidates with jobs, ensuring fairness, equal opportunities, and transparency in the process.

Streamlined hiring process

Recruitment can be a painstaking, time-consuming, and costly process. Our process is automated, fast, objective, and efficient.

Find the best talent you can.​

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