X0PA Room Integrates with Microsoft Teams to Make Pre-Screening Highly Efficient and Effective

X0PA Room Integrates with Microsoft Teams to Make Pre-Screening Highly Efficient and Effective

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Using Microsoft Teams just for meetings? Now you can also pre-screen and assess your candidates, students or for other selections and assessments on Microsoft Teams with X0PA ROOM.

X0PA AI announces the integration of X0PA ROOM with Microsoft Teams. Hiring managers are now able to leverage X0PA AI hybrid assessment and interview on-demand platform with the collaborative they already use, Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams & X0PA ROOM: A Recruiter Secret Weapon

Leveraging Microsoft Team’s powerful collaboration tools, X0PA ROOM can be added to new or existing channels. This enables recruiters to collaborate and assess candidates in real-time. Users can create/pin key assessments, candidates and review their responses all in one tab. ROOM’s anti-cheat feature also makes it extremely popular with educational institutions. Furthermore, X0PA ROOM provides seamless video interview experience for candidates via easy-to-use interface. The platform is compatible with mobile and desktop. Candidates can therefore easily join by opening a received video interview link. Candidates then take a pre-interview check to test to video resolution and sound quality. Interviewees also have option to play back and review their responses. Upon completion of the interview, candidates are notified via email. Integration with Microsoft Teams takes users’ experience to a new level.

How it works

X0PA built its platform using core Microsoft Azure infrastructure and services, including AI, machine learning, and analytics. X0PA ROOM also utilises the AI capabilities of Azure Cognitive Services including video analytics, speech-to-text, and video streams.
“ROOM supports 72 languages and has remarkable cognitive and AI based scoring incorporated to make selections unbiased and with strong predictive capabilities.”
Debra Peter, Online Sales and Product Manager – X0PA ROOM
Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly one of the most powerful collaboration platforms. Integration of X0PA ROOM with Teams, combined power of automation gives users an efficient, transparent, and collaborative assessment experience to scale. Additionally, our amazing masked hiring feature helps make video selections unbiased by blanking videos and only displaying transcripts of the responses and videos only appears after scores are assigned to response transcript.”
Nina Alag Suri, Founder and CEO, X0PA AI
“X0PA is taking advantage of Azure and its AI capabilities to build intelligent apps that meet customers’ demands for AI solutions. Through X0PA ROOM, employers, recruiters and jobseekers are empowered with rich experience that is also transparent in environments where more recruiting and employee engagement is becoming digital.”
Gerald Leo, Director for One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Singapore

Try the X0PA ROOM application for free on Microsoft Teams today!

About X0PA AI

Singapore headquartered, X0PA AI is SaaS company that helps in talent acquisition, hiring, assessment and areas that use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. X0PA AI also combines this technology with automation for accurate, objective, and efficient hiring at scale. Other offices are across India, the UAE and the UK. IDC recognised X0PA AI as one of four innovative companies in Asia-Pacific that provides Artificial intelligence-powered automation solutions. Furthermore, X0PA AI is a partner of Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Intel and Nvidia. X0PA AI is strategic partner of Microsoft and has developed cloud-based tools and products to enhance hiring and selection processes for government, academia and enterprise
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