X0PA AI Partners with Idibu

X0PA AI Partners with idibu

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X0PA AI is a leading SaaS Hiring and Talent Acquisition Platform. We are proud to be partners with idibu to integrate with their candidate attraction, job-distribution software.

About idibu

idibu is a mobile-friendly, candidate attraction software designed to deliver a pipeline of fresh talent through to Recruitment CRM.

idibu’s software indeed supports integration with a variety of recruitment CRM systems. The solution also allows posting across multiple job boards and social media platforms. idibu then pushes custom, searchable, applicant data back into your CRM to progress candidates through your recruitment workflow. Therefore, it facilitates candidate attraction and management.

Reducing administrative time on manual tasks, idibu reduces time to hire. It also facilitates better communication and relationship-building between candidates and recruiters.

About X0PA AI

X0PA AI enables efficient and better hiring decisions for its clients, using AI to match the best-fit candidates to jobs. The solution also enhances efficiencies in hiring by automating the entire hiring process. It brings the process together with a consolidated, easy-to-use platform for all hiring needs.

Singapore headquartered, X0PA AI is a SaaS company that helps in talent acquisition, hiring, assessment. Combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with automation, X0PA’s goal is to enable accurate, objective, and efficient hiring at scale. X0PA AI has other offices across India, UAE, UK.

Additionally, IDC recognized X0PA AI as one of four innovative companies in Asia-Pacific that provides Artificial Intelligence-powered automation solutions and is a partner of Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Intel and Nvidia.

As a strategic partner of Microsoft, X0PA has developed cloud-based tools and products to enhance the hiring process and selection processes for government, academia, and enterprises.

X0PA x idibu Partnership

As partners, idibu will provide X0PA AI and its clients access to its extensive Job Board network of more than 1300 global sites, with the click of a button.

Now, when any X0PA client posts a job advertisement, they can seamlessly connect to multiple job-boards and sites. Without having to leave the X0PA platform.

“idibu made sense, as a natural extension of our services with their extensive coverage of job boards. We are therefore delighted to be partners with idibu, to enable a seamless job posting and application management process across a multitude of job boards, enhancing the hiring experience for our clients across the globe.”

Nina Alag Suri, Founder and CEO of X0PA AI

“We are delighted to be working with X0PA AI and supporting them with access to the idibu platform. In a market where speed and accuracy are key to success, the idibu platform means X0PA AI has the ability to reach a wider audience in a fraction of the time, ensuring resources can be focused in the right areas to enhance the candidate experience, matching and placing candidates in the best roles, quicker.”

Martin Bramall, idibu Managing Director

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