X0PA AI Announces Issuance of Patent by the Republic of Singapore

Singapore- 22 April, 2022

X0PA is pleased to announce the issuance of a patent by the Republic of Singapore for its latest innovation in the world of recruitment. One of the key challenges in the recruitment process is the identification of suitable candidates. Finding the right candidate is an important cornerstone of any recruitment. This patent captures the intellectual property with regards to various AI and ML-based models and algorithms that X0PA AI platforms employ to provide unbiased insights on a candidate’s suitability to a particular role using two-sided matching and various other techniques.

X0PA AI’s objective hiring and recruitment platform helps in streamlining hiring and selections, from sourcing potential candidates, screening objectively at scale, virtual and asynchronous interviews/ assessments, and final selections and onboarding.

“X0PA AI has always put innovation in the forefront as part of our strategy to bring unique solutions to solving customer problems. This patent is not only a testament to our investment towards innovation but also our commitment to protecting our cutting-edge intellectual property,” said Sri Harsha Allamraju, CTO, X0PA AI.

With X0PA AI, companies can save 50% in cost to hire and 87% in time to hire. It helps companies dramatically improve candidate experience and employer branding. It uses a very scientific approach to removing biases in hiring.

Innovated and developed by experts in the recruitment industry, X0PA AI addresses the inefficiencies and subjectivity of traditional hiring processes. Using AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), X0PA AI automates routine tasks and offers predictive analytics and data-driven insights, bringing productivity and efficiencies of selections at scale.

X0PA’s patented technology will allow forward-thinking organizations across the world predict ideal candidates matching the role and company persona, reduce time to revenue by hiring on time, achieve their D&I objectives, and improve efficiency and candidate experience.

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Shikha Pakhide
Global Marketing Director

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