VITAL Chooses X0PA AI as its Platform of Choice for Objectivity and Efficiency

VITAL Chooses X0PA AI as its Platform of Choice for Objectivity and Efficiency

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VITAL, Central Agency for Shared Services in the Singapore Public Service, has embarked on recruitment tech pilot programme with X0PA’s AI Recruiter solution. The goal of the pilot is first to streamline recruitment processes and improve objectivity and efficiency in hiring. Therefore, with X0PA’s AI Recruiter platform, the pilot’s success depends on technology and machine learning to create ready pool of qualified candidates and improve candidate job matching capabilities. Above all, this will ultimately reduce time and cost to hire within the public service.

X0PA AI’s AI Recruiter solution aims to significantly enhance the existing recruitment processes through:

  • Inclusive hiring features such as resume and personal information masking for objective shortlisting
  • Automated candidate screening & matching powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for objective and unbiased selections
  • Hiring automation via Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Talent pooling capabilities to improve candidate experience and also shorten hiring lead time
  • Enhance candidate engagement & virtual assessment capabilities

“VITAL is in unique position within Singapore Public Service to experiment with emerging technologies such as AI, automation. With capable recruitment system and ready database of qualified candidates, we foresee more effective, efficient hiring processes. We look forward to partner with X0PA.”

– Dennis Lui, Chief Executive, VITAL

“X0PA is committed to solving talent management challenges, making process transparent, objective with the power of ethical AI. With this strategic engagement with VITAL, X0PA is determined to augment existing recruitment capabilities. Someday, it will do so for the whole of public service. X0PA AI will help improve both user experience and create measurable outcomes with transparent and objective hiring processes on platform.”

– Sid S., Global Head of Sales, X0PA AI

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VITAL is Central Agency for Corporate shared services in the Singapore Public Service. A department established under Ministry of Finance, VITAL’s mandate is to aggregate common corporate services within public sector to leverage economies of scale, improve efficiency and enhance service quality. Today, VITAL serves more than 110,000 public officers across more than 100 agencies spanning a wide range of corporate and administrative processes in finance, human resource and procurement.

About X0PA AI

Singapore headquartered, X0PA AI is SaaS company that helps in talent acquisition, hiring, assessment and areas that use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.
X0PA AI also combines this technology with automation to improve accuracy, objectivity and efficiency while hiring at scale.

IDC recently recognised X0PA AI as one of four innovative companies in Asia-Pacific that provide Artificial intelligence-powered automation solutions. Furthermore, X0PA AI is a partner of Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Intel and Nvidia.
As a strategic partner of Microsoft, X0PA AI has developed cloud-based tools and products to enhance hiring and selection processes for government, academia and enterprise.

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