In CNA’s Becoming Human: AI’s Next Evolution

In CNA’s Becoming Human: AI’s Next Evolution, Chua Enlai explores AI’s double-edged societal impact, including a visit to the X0PA office in Singapore to gain insight for the show.

In a packed episode, Enlai witnesses AI fact-checking tackle disinformation in Taiwan’s presidential elections, he evaluates an AI chatbot that enhances healthcare in Singapore and delves into AI’s growing educational role, aiding teachers and supporting students.

Our section, starting at 40:30, explores the possibility of Singapore following in the footsteps of the EU by putting an AI act into law. In the video, you’ll see Nina, Zhe and Ural using and discussing IMDA’s AI Verify toolkit with Enlai weighing up the legal, ethical, and technical guardrails that may ensure AI is used responsibly.

The full episode can be found on YouTube here:

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