IDC Recognizes X0PA AI as One of the Top Platforms in Asia Pacific for AI-Automation

IDC Recognises X0PA AI as One of the Top Platforms in Asia Pacific for Artificial Intelligence-Automation

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X0PA AI users AI and data science to make hiring an efficient and objective process

SINGAPORE, April 14, 2020.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is buzzword of the tech startup scene with many seeking to stand out in the industry. With a variety of different AI uses today, what separates the good from the great? On 17th March 2020, International Data Corporation (IDC) published a new Innovators report titled “IDC Innovators: Artificial Intelligence–Powered Automation Solution Providers in Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan)”, profiling X0PA AI, that provides artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation solutions. Above all, this report recognizes X0PA for its use of ethical AI to automate the hiring process to achieve highest level of objectivity.

About X0PA AI

What is X0PA AI? Well, it is the second venture of Founder and CEO, Nina Alag Suri. She previously started a global executive search firm, Nastrac Group back in 1997. This company eventually operated for almost two decades and across 5 continents. With 20 years of experience, Nina identified the large subjectivity in traditional recruitment processes. She then decided to change things and AI was the way to go. Thus, X0PA AI was born with 20 years of domain experience and over 16mn data. X0PA AI solutions pan across Universities and Colleges, Government sector as well as organisations from Startups and SMEs to large enterprise, for bringing selections to scale for employees, interns and graduates.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Smart Hiring

AI-powered automation solutions or intelligent automation is much more than intelligent robotic process automation (RPA). It is also a means to support, augment, and sometimes automate many aspects of a knowledge worker’s tasks to improve operational efficiency, increase robustness and flexibility, create space for workforce to release creative intelligence, and kick-start man-machine collaborative learning cycle.

“We are delighted to be recognized by IDC as one of the innovators and are excited to continue to innovate to help improve the selection of people be it hiring or other use cases” Said Nina Alag Suri. “Objective selections to scale is what we stand for”.

X0PA does this through machine learning, natural language processing and video analytics. This is to predict best fit between hiring companies and individual talents. It also seamlessly integrates with existing platforms in an end-to-end hiring and talent management process. Evidently, X0PA has been successful in reducing the need for human oversight in many hiring processes that were once thought to be perpetually manual and subjective.

“idibu made sense, as a natural extension of our services with their extensive coverage of job boards. We are therefore delighted to partner with idibu, to enable seamless job posting and application management process across a multitude of job boards, enhancing the hiring experience for our clients across the globe.”

– Nina Alag Suri, Founder and CEO of X0PA AI

“We are delighted to be working with X0PA AI and supporting them with access to the idibu platform. In a market where speed and accuracy are key to success, idibu platform means X0PA AI has abilities to reach a wider audience in a fraction of the time, ensuring resources can be focused in the right areas to enhance candidate experience, matching and placing candidates in the best roles, quicker.”

idibu Managing Director, Martin Bramall

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With a headquarter in Singapore, X0PA AI is SaaS company that helps in talent acquisition, hiring, assessment and areas that use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. X0PA AI also combines this technology with automation for accurate, objective, and efficient hiring at scale. Other offices are across India, the UAE and the UK.

Additionally, X0PA AI is strategic partner of Microsoft and has developed cloud-based tools and products to enhance hiring and selection processes for government, academia and enterprise

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