Bernard Coleman III of Gusto joins X0PA AI Board of Advisors

X0PA AI announces the joining of Bernard Coleman III as its new Board of Advisor. Bernard is currently the Chief Diversity and Engagement officer at Gusto. He empowers and leads the Employee Engagement team, which encompasses diversity, equity and inclusion, employee relations, and people’s integrity/governance/compliance functions. At Gusto, Coleman spearheaded the RISE program to get employees talking about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Bernard was previously the diversity lead for Uber and for a US presidential campaign. Bernard transformed the diversity and inclusion programs, and his efforts spanned the boundaries of Uber working in close collaboration with people’s program areas like human resources, talent recruitment, analytics, marketing, communications, and branding to enhance diversity throughout Uber. Bernard also writes an Inc column called the Culture Code covering leadership, employee engagement, culture, diversity, inclusion, equity, and human resources – in technology, but more broadly across all sectors.
“We are thrilled to welcome Bernard to our Board of Advisors and excited to work with him and leverage his experience as we scale X0PA to the next phase of its growth.” said Nina Alag Suri, CEO- Founder of X0PA AI. “Bernard is as passionate about inclusion as we are at X0PA, and we look forward to working together to build on our mission of bias free and equitable hiring.”

About X0PA AI
X0PA is an AI-powered end-to-end B2B platform that helps in streamlining hiring and selections, from sourcing potential candidates, screening objectively and at scale, virtual and asynchronous interview/assessments, and final selections and onboarding. The sophisticated built-in automation helps in scaling efficiencies multi-fold, however, the biggest advantage of X0PA is the power of objectivity in selections. Using AI and ML to “screen candidates in rather than screen out” by eliminating biases both
from humans as well as from the process that truly helps in making hiring equitable. Recognized by IDC as AI-Innovator of APAC, X0PA has additionally won many other accolades and awards.

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