Virtual Assessments Simplified

  • Enables hiring managers to seamlessly invite and pre-screen candidates for video and text-based assessments at scale.
  • Transform your Talent Decisions and Remote Hiring made easy with X0PA ROOM
  • A new hybrid video interviewing and assessment platform developed by X0PA AI
  • Save significant time and cost of hiring while maintaining objectivity in hiring
    • Video Interviewing
    • Assessment Builder
    • Candidate Experience & Employer Branding
    • X0PA ROOM + MS Teams Integration

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Video Interviewing

  • On-Demand Interview Platform
  • Self-scheduling capability allows you to take interactive virtual interviews on multiple video platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and many more)
  • Give candidates the best chance to make an attempt for the questions by setting up preparation time for every question and the option to retake video assessments 
  • Reduction in no-shows as candidates can record answers at their preferred time
AI-Powered Two-way Matching

X0PA ROOM + Microsoft Teams Integration

  • With the seamless integration, you never have to leave Teams to use ROOM
  • Manage assessments, questions and candidates using the chatbot feature on Teams app
  • Set either video or essay type questions and enhance your candidate engagement
  • Form better hiring decisions with the AI generated Sentiment and Tone analytics
  • Custom integrations with any ATS platform using X0PA’s robust API integrations
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Assessment Builder

  • Enables hiring managers to seamlessly invite and pre-screen candidates for video and text-based assessments
  • Create hybrid assessments including video, multiple choice, essay, coding assessments using X0PA ROOM’s assessment builder
  • Gauge candidates’ technical skills seamlessly with XOPA ROOM’s Coding Assessment Solutions
  • Ensure 100% test integrity with AI-powered cheating prevention measures
  • X0PA ROOM’s soft skills assessment will help you identify social attitudes and communication skills that are hard to identify during the interview process
  • Give a human touch to your assessments with humanoid feature
AI-Powered Two-way Matching

Candidate experience and Employer branding

  • Add videos in the assessments to give a candidate an insight about company’s culture, role and benefits, thereby reducing drop-offs
  • Create Virtual career fairs and bring the best talent from around the world to your doorstep
  • Customize every touch point of the process to reflect your brand.
School Management

Crossing the Hiring Challenge with X0PA ROOM