X0PA AI – A Complete Recruitment Solution For Startups and SMEs

X0PA AI is a complete recruitment solution that gives the control to Startups and SMEs to find the best talent for your business.

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Startups and SMEs

We know how critical it is to hire the best talent at the right time with minimal costs!
X0PA is built by practitioners from staffing backgrounds to understand the exact pain points

X0PA AI is a leader in Asia Pacific Recruiting Automation on G2 X0PA AI is a leader in Asia Recruiting Automation on G2 X0PA AI is a leader in Talent Intelligence on G2 X0PA AI is a leader in Recruiting Automation on G2 X0PA AI is a leader in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2 X0PA AI is a leader in Small-Business Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) on G2

With X0PA AI, you can get access to a large pool of candidates, and our AI-powered algorithm will help you find the best match for your open positions. Additionally, X0PA AI can help you automate your recruitment process, from candidate screening to job posting. This can help you save time and money, and make your recruitment process more efficient.

From sourcing to hiring!

Yes! this one tool does it all for you!

  • Create job descriptions that work! attract the best applicants
  • Broadcast your job to LinkedIn (free!) and 1000’s of other job portals- to maximize your application pool
  • Manage all your applications in one place- resurface previous applicants quickly
  • Seek Out passive candidates through our automated candidate search tool- have your own personal headhunter! Free without paying those high fees!
  • Automated Screening for CV relevance, retention & performance probability with AI- remove bias and avoid hiring mistakes
  • Manage Your Talent Pool to always have access to previous applicants that can be suggested each time you need to hire, with AI- stay ahead of the curve and never lose revenue for lack of talent
  • Automate candidate Outreach on email or WhatsApp- stop losing time!
  • Automate Interviews with virtual video interview tool – spend time with the right candidates and engage them, you only have so many hours in the day and this is not the only thing you are doing!
  • Automate Skill Assessments to better evaluate your candidates
  • Interview Scheduling and no precious time loss going back and forth
  • Assess Soft Skills such as DISC personality or leadership and many other available assessments
  • Live Online Interviews via MS Teams or ZOOM- integrated on the platform for seamless working and collaborating with your colleagues
  • Offer Management and on-boarding automated and with e-signature- create once and reuse, standardize
  • Build Employer Branding by ensuring amazing candidate experience!
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We are excited to be a strategic GTM partner to X0PA AI. We believe that this partnership will benefit enterprises in streamlining their hiring process using data-driven insights


Our partnership with XOPA AI will empower our customers to experience the AI powered human resource management platform that will help them source and hire the best candidates in a scientific way

Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft is excited to see that X0PA has built an AI for recruitment that ensures the best candidate is selected for the job, and it removes unconscious bias from the process. Their proven technology takes a wide range of factors into it’s model which mean that employees are also matched well to the job ensuring happier, better performing employees and longer retention. Having a diverse workforce has been proven to improve company financials and X0PA helps companies to achieve this.

 Antal International Network, India

We had to move away from our previous CRM as it was bulky, slow loading, low on intelligence gathering and quite manual. X0PA overcame all these and we now have a solution that is working for us behind the scenes while the team is busy on their desks. It’s intelligent integrations, browser extensions and dashboards have made life a breeze for my team. We look forward to a long term, commercially successful partnership.

Bahaa Eddine Al Indary
Acting General Manager & VP of Sales
Abhijeet Sanyal
Vice President–Technology Support Services
Dr Ian McDonald
Worldwide Lead – Tech Engagement Team
Microsoft for Startups
Joseph Devasia
Managing Director,
Antal International Network, India

Save up to 50% in cost and 87% in time to hire!

Be your own head-hunter, stay in control!

X0PA Product Screenshot
X0PA Product Screenshot
X0PA Product Screenshot

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