Mini ATS For LinkedIn

Bringing the power of X0pa to the world’s foremost business network.

We’re connecting two of the world’s premiere hiring platforms.

How does X0PA AI Mini ATS work?

X0PA Mini ATS is a light weight ATS for companies who do not wish to either change their existing ATS or just don’t want to have full blown system in place. The Mini ATS sits on top of Linkedin to help you manage all your hiring from LinkedIn. Create Jobs or import Jobs from LinkedIn and many other job portals, search suitable candidates, instantly score them and manage workflow right from this amazing tool that you can download as an extension from Google Marketplace

How does it help with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s fastest-growing social network for business professionals. It helps build relationships between business owners, executives, professionals, academic institutes, and jobseekers through an easy-to-use and dynamic platform. X0pa improves LinkedIn’s capabilities as a hiring tool, boosting it with AI sourcing, smart workflow, and an AI-enabled ATS (applicant tracking system).

Making the world’s fastest growing business network a more efficient hiring tool.

AI Sourcing and Pre-screening

Source and match candidates from LinkedIn and use predictive scoring to pre-screen profiles of candidates most suitable for your organization.

AI-Enabled ATS

X0PA’s mini ATS is a lightweight applicant tracking system that helps you keep tabs on candidates who have applied for posted jobs.

Smart Workflow

Automated scheduling and interview management ensure efficiency in workflow and minimal manual workarounds.

Candidate Management Portal

This candidate portal helps keep applicants informed of progress on their profile, enhancing candidate relationships and employer branding.

Chrome Extension

Simple Chrome extension to give you an instant ATS platform for lightweight use.

Remove uncertainty in hiring. Back decisions with data. Make both sides happier.

Enable objectivity and find the candidates best suited for the position.

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