Internship Allocation for Academia

X0PA Provides Universities and Organisations a Set of Invaluable Tools Designed to Make Internship Allocation Expeditious and Effective.

The Problem

Selecting a viable candidate from an extensive list of students is a manual and mentally-draining process. This typically concludes in a non-optimal allocation or a decision founded on internal bias.
To make matters worse, lecturers and student administrators are often unqualified to match any particular candidate to a specific company, whose internship goals may vary depending on their unique philosophy or set of requirements.

The Solution

X0PA’s AI for Academia Platform serves to benefit all parties involved, from administrators and company recruiters to the students.

The platform enables recommendations based on patented algorithms designed to calculate both “Capability” and “Compatibility”, with our smart automation enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

In-Built Capabilities

X0PA is an AI-powered platform with in-built assessment and video capabilities.

Ethical Machine Learning

These capabilities utilise fair and ethical machine learning to produce shortlists and selections of the most qualified candidates available.

Diverse Input Variables

A diverse array of customisable input variables based on internship requirements, training requirements, skill sets, student preferences and more is used to process data.

2-way Machine Algorithm

X0PA processes data via a “two-way matching algorithm” that determines the optimal candidate based on capability and compatibility for any position.

How does it work?

Internship Allocation with X0PA

X0PA is an AI-powered platform with in-built assessment and video capabilities that utilises fair and ethical machine learning to produce shortlists and selections of the most qualified candidates available.

Unrivalled Transparency

Ethical, objective, exciting, and rewarding, X0PA offers a transparent internship allocation process that is both simple and engaging.

Industry-Optimised Standards

By meeting the needs of industry recruiters and answering company and academia goals, X0PA empowers administrators and students to secure an optimal internship position at the right time and in the right place.

Flexible Scoring Metrics

With a wide range of scoring metrics and customisable job functions, industry specifications and other insightful student criteria, academia and company recruiters can make calculated and objective decisions that lead to rewarding future careers.

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor student qualifications over time with active progress tracking and match students instantly based on real-time analytic results.

X0PA AI, a platform that provides tools to universities and organisations to empower them to make objective and fair selections, be it for scholarships, admissions or internships.

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Ethical AI

At X0PA, we are proud of the fact that we are using one of our most sensitive technologies for good: bringing people together with the jobs they want and the organizations that want them.

Maximised retention and performance

Hiring the best possible candidates will ensure both company and employees are happy, leading to improved performance, job satisfaction, and ultimately retention.

Equal Opportunities

Our AI and algorithms use objective, scientific data when matching candidates with jobs, ensuring fairness, equal opportunities, and transparency in the process.

Streamlined hiring process

Recruitment can be a painstaking, time-consuming, and costly process. Our process is automated, fast, objective, and efficient.

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