Automation in the Recruitment Process – Why Do You Need It?

Automation in the Recruitment Process – Why Do You Need It?

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The world we live in today is highly dependent on data-driven technology. This dependence has increased even more in today’s pandemic situation.

Automation enables recruiters to achieve greater efficiency by streamlining the recruitment tasks which would have been done manually earlier.

The recruitment industry has suffered setbacks due to COVID-19.

The unemployment rates have risen significantly. As a result companies receive thousands of applications everyday. Therefore, automation becomes all the more important.

Table of content

  1. What is recruitment automation?
  2. Benefits of recruitment automation
  3. Call automation for recruitment teams

1. What is recruitment automation?

Recruitment automation is a technology that streamlines the recruitment tasks from the first point of contact with candidates to extending an offer letter.

It employs machine learning, predictive data analytics, and artificial intelligence to understand and evaluate the applicants.

2. Benefits of recruitment automation

Engage talent faster

Businesses across industries are becoming increasingly digital and with it. The demand for tech professionals is also increasing.

The senior and skilled candidates do not stay un-recruited for long. In such a short recruitment cycle every phone call, email, and conversation counts.

Automation in the recruitment process ensures that the company engages talent faster and stays relevant among top candidates.

Save valuable time

The automation tools save the recruiter’s time by automating the tedious tasks like sourcing. Hence, they get more time to focus on recruitment training and interview.

This way they get more time to focus on creating a better candidate experience.


Eliminate scheduling errors

Sending out emails to schedule interviews with the candidates is a tedious process. Hence, miscommunication and errors are common. Moreover, such errors foster a poor image of your employer brand.

Automating the interview scheduling process minimizes manual responsibilities. Hence, reduces errors and creates a stronger candidate experience.

Increase productivity

Automation in the recruitment process increases productivity. It allows recruiters to fill more roles simultaneously.

If the recruitment cycle will get short, the cost-of-hiring will go down, depending on the role and level of seniority.

Create a smooth candidate experience

A candidate’s first one-on-one interaction with the company holds a lot of importance in the recruitment process.

An unpleasant experience can turn highly qualified candidates away from your employer brand and job opportunities.

Create a smooth candidate experience! Actively engage with them! And this way increase the chances of onboarding.

3. Call automation for recruitment teams

Automate your interview and screening processes using FreJun and its integrations with ATS platforms like X0PA AI.

FreJun makes the sourcing process easier. It keeps track of all call interactions and provides daily call reports. These reports can be used further to track and improve team’s performance and productivity.

It integrates with your workflow tools seamlessly and streamlines all the time-consuming and expensive recruitment tasks.

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