Grad Hiring for Enterprises

X0PA is a Cutting-Edge Recruitment Platform that Capitalises on AI and Networking Technology to Bring Together Organisations, Colleges and Students with a Common Goal.

Experience the Future of Grad Hiring

We invite you to experience the future of grad hiring with X0PA, where a seamless network built on advanced matching and allocation algorithms has changed the way we do recruitment.
By designing a digital AI for hiring pathways between organisations, jobseekers, and institutions, X0PA serves to achieve the highest level of objectivity and hiring precision while saving time, reducing costs, and eliminating human error.
Grad Hiring For Enterprises

How Does it work?

Grad Hiring with X0PA

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For Recruiters

X0PA is a transparent recruitment platform powered by AI and ML technology that equips recruiters with limitless university outreach capabilities, while reducing time and resource expenses to a fraction of the cost. Grad students are matched to suitable positions based on algorithmic processing of CVs, real-time progress metrics and workforce predictive analytics and management.

For Academia

For universities, colleges and campus hiring administrators, the X0PA platform helps plot a viable career trajectory while providing the analytical insight to make objective recommendations, free from bias and human error. This ensures not only a stronger relationship between institutions and companies, but it also leads to a higher success and satisfaction rate among students.

For Students

Students seeking grad openings are often faced with a time-consuming and non-transparent application process that is seldom able to produce rapid and relevant results. This typically involves sending out countless applications simultaneously only to face a stream of rejections, no reply, or being matched to an incompatible position or company. With X0PA, students can experience a new-found initiative when it comes to grad hiring and enjoy the support of a system built on diversity, inclusivity, and objectivity — and one which leads to equal opportunities in the workplace. By taking advantage of AI and ML algorithms, students can sit back and relax while their qualifications and preferences are matched to the best-suited positions, companies, and industries available. With access to a real-time and responsive application dashboard of their profile and candidate status, students can focus on completing their education while X0PA finds them openings that match their dreams and skills.

Hire with knowledge.
Hire with confidence.
Hire with scientific precision.

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Ethical AI

At X0PA, we are proud of the fact that we are using one of our most sensitive technologies for good: bringing people together with the jobs they want and the organizations that want them.

Maximised retention and performance

Hiring the best possible candidates will ensure both company and employees are happy, leading to improved performance, job satisfaction, and ultimately retention.

Equal Opportunities

Our AI and algorithms use objective, scientific data when matching candidates with jobs, ensuring fairness, equal opportunities, and transparency in the process.

Streamlined hiring process

Recruitment can be a painstaking, time-consuming, and costly process. Our process is automated, fast, objective, and efficient.

Hire grads for capability and compatibility​

Hiring grads at scale and for success

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