Enterprise Recruiter

An Objective Executive Hiring Platform Enabled Through Analytics and AI Technology.

Hiring has been an Art.
We made it a Science.


Need to make better recruitment decisions and ensure retention by hiring the right person for each position.

Need a simple, transparent and fair process to get hired for the positions there are best suited for.
Algorithms to Screen-In rather than to Screen-Out

Find the best matching candidates for your organisation through objective AI-enabled hiring.
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How does it work?

How does the X0PA AI Enterprise Recruiter work?

X0PA AI’s Enterprise Recruiter is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that helps our clients hire, engage and retain executive talent. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Video Analytics, X0PA AI’s proprietary algorithms and industry and company data to find, score and rank candidates based on their suitability to the company and job being offered. With X0PA’s predictive analytics, we can predict a candidate’s loyalty and performance in the position.

Internal hiring & succession planning

Accurately find the best internal hires. Use analytics to predict job rotation and find successors for every position.

External Hiring

Bring in external talent that is qualified, experienced and best suited to your organisation.

Engage and Re-employ

X0PA AI helps you with the engagement and reemployment of both senior workforce members and women returning from break.
50% Reduction in Cost to Hire

By using automation as a service, X0PA AI helps you reduce costs associated with the traditional hiring process.
87% Reduction in Time to Hire

Suitable candidates are automatically filtered and presented for consideration, shortening the initial process of searching and vetting potential hires.
82% of X0PA AI Recommended Candidates Shortlisted to Next Rounds

Because every suggested candidate has been found through AI, machine learning, and high-level analytics, organisations can choose among the most qualified candidates available.
Retention of Hire

X0PA AI is designed to bring objectivity into hiring and match candidates with the jobs they are best suited for. With candidates finding the jobs they want, and companies finding the hires they need, employee retention can expect a positive upswing.
Hiring Experience

By enabling a fully-objective hiring process supported by automation and AI, X0PA AI makes the entire hiring experience simpler, faster and more effective for both companies and candidates.
Diversity of Candidates

X0PA AI has processed over 21,000 jobs and over 80,000 applications, with 82% of suggested candidates shortlisted by recruiters. Our database enjoys a wealth of diversity of both candidates and job postings.
Enterprise Recruiter
We automate and make things fast, objective, and effective

X0PA helps organisations improve on six key performance indicators of successful hiring.

Ethical AI

At X0PA, we are proud of the fact that we are using one of our most sensitive technologies for good: bringing people together with the jobs they want and the organisations that want them.

Maximised retention and performance

Hiring the best possible candidates will ensure both companies and employees are happy, leading to improved performance, job satisfaction and, ultimately, retention.

Equal Opportunity

Our AI and algorithms use objective, scientific data when matching candidates with jobs, ensuring fairness, equal opportunity, and transparency in the process.

Streamlined hiring process

Recruitment can be a painstaking, time-consuming, and costly process. Our process is automated, fast, objective, and efficient.

Find the best talent you can.​

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