Take Control of Your Recruitment Process With X0PA Lite

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Discover how AI-powered personality and intelligence testing is revolutionizing the hiring process by predicting career potential and team effectiveness. Personality and intelligence tests provide valuable insights into a candidate’s work values, cognitive abilities, and behavior, which helps employers make more informed hiring decisions. Learn how persona matching aligns an individual’s profile with the requirements of […]

2023 Talent Trends – A look ahead

In our last report, we looked back over a turbulent 2022 to highlight some of the biggest hiring and talent trends. With the new year upon us, it’s time to take a look ahead at our predictions for 2023 for employers and candidates around the world. So what’s in store before 2024?

2022 Talent Trends Wrapped–A year in review

2022 was a rollercoaster ride in the talent market. Following the initial rapid recovery from the pandemic, the world has seen major geo-political events, supply-chain disruptions, and the highest inflation in forty years. Recruiters and hiring managers have therefore faced significant swings and uncertainty since the beginning of the year, as growth in global economies began […]

Bias-free Hiring – A HR Leader’s Guide for 2022

There is a growing focus on diversity and inclusion in organizations across industries.McKinsey reports that those organizations winning on the diversity front outperform their less diverse peers on profitability. Companies on the top percentile of gender diversity on executive teams are 25% more likely to have above-average productivity. Ethnic and cultural diversity further make the […]

10 Tips For IT Companies Looking to Hire Fast

As the pace of technology innovations gets increasingly rapid, ITcompanies often find themselves struggling to hire the righttalent – quickly and efficiently. It also hinders their ability to buildand scale bigger and better teams

Hiring Guide for Fast-growing SMBs in the UK

For small-to-medium businesses (or SMBs), finding the right talent hasalways been a challenging task as compared to larger business enterprises.{ Offer a high or competitive salary package to their best candidates.Over 50% of the fastest-growing SMBs in the United Kingdom now havelesser staff as compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic. While 18% of thesmall businesses […]

How Fast-Growing Companies Can Benefit from Talent Analytics

One of the critical aspects to organisational success in today’s job market is attracting and retaining talent. From developing a nuanced comprehension of the demographic characteristics to accurately predicting cultural fit, new hire success has never been morecomplex.