Expanding and strengthening your talent pool with AI

Finding the best talent is critical to the success of any organisation, but as most recruiters and hiring managers will know; it is often a challenging, time-consuming and an expensive affair. AI recruitment solutions can now be leveraged to strategically expand an organisation’s candidate pipeline, and greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of talent acquisition through automation of recruitment processes. Find out how.

Top 3 ways X0PA AI can help to target passive job candidates

Recruiters around the world already know the power of passive candidates. This heavily desirable talent pool often comes with tried and tested experience, little to no competition in recruitment, and sometimes a highly specialised skillset that is much harder to find in active jobseekers. But how to attract passive candidates?

Embracing neurodiversity to make your organisation smarter.

In 2017, Harvard Business Review asserted that more than 80% of the neurodiverse population is unemployed. This represents a hugely under-utilised talent pool with a breadth of highly specialised skills. The question is, how can businesses empower persons with ASD to join the workforce?