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Revolutionising RPO: PositiveSwitch’s Success Story with X0PA AI

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“Partnering with X0PA AI’s RPO was a game-changer for PositiveSwitch. In just 3 days, we secured impressive profiles for a challenging Financial Services role. The platform’s CV branding, user-friendliness, rapid support, LinkedIn integration, and easy database management exceeded expectations. The job description function empowered our line managers, and X0PA AI’s value remains clear as we refine pricing, without deterring potential clients. It’s a seamless platform for enhanced team collaboration, transforming our recruitment effectiveness.”

Angela Senosha
Founder & CEO

Traydstream Partners with X0PA AI to streamline its hiring and talent acquisition Processes

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“Our business is expanding at an unprecedented pace, and in order to keep up, we realized the urgent need to standardize, digitize, and automate our recruitment process. That’s why we chose X0PA AI’s cutting-edge technology. The importance of sourcing and attracting the brightest and the best cannot be overstated for our business. Navigating growth challenges while staying ahead of the curve is largely determined by ensuring we hire the right people at the right time to help us solve complex technical problems.”X0PA AI’s cutting-edge technology will enable us to optimize our recruitment processes, ensuring that we identify and secure the best candidates to drive our growth and success.”

Lead – People & Culture

Antal International witnesses a 35% decrease in time-to-hire

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“We had to move away from our previous CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as it was bulky, slow loading, low on intelligence gathering, quite manual. X0PA overcame all these and we now have a solution that is working for us behind the scenes while the team is busy. “

Managing Director
Antal International Network – India

AI Helps VITAL Streamline its Recruitment Process

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“VITAL is in a unique position within Singapore Public Service to experiment with emerging technologies such as AI, automation. With a capable recruitment system and ready database of qualified candidates, we foresee more effective, efficient hiring processes. We look forward to partner with X0PA.”

Dennis Lui
Chief Executive
VITAL (Ministry of Finance)
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