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What is the Candidate Platform?

The candidate platform is a transparent tool that helps match you to jobs that are most suited to you and considers both skill relevance and cultural fit to the organisation. Its FREE for candidates so sign up now!

Candidate Platform

How Does it work?

How does the candidate platform work?

Apply and get found

Create a profile on X0PA – search jobs and find instant scoring on where you match most, saving you time and effort in applying for roles where your chances of getting hired are low.

Job Recommendations

Our AI will identify your job fit for the role you have applied for. Should there be a job in which the your skills are better suited, the AI will recommend these jobs to you, enhancing your chances of getting the best job.

Skill recommendations

Our AI will identify skill gaps and recommend training programs to get you closer to that job you desire.

Resume Analytics

Our resume analytics will check your resume for any recommendations and suggestions and help you benchmark it against millions of other candidates of similar profile, giving you an outside-in view.

Smart Referencing

X0PA’s amazing smart referencing tool cuts down the hardship of reaching out to your referees multiple times for each application, through a one-time reference uploading process and objective scoring, making it a breeze for you and your referee and a great tool for you to land that dream job!
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