Business Finland chooses X0PA as its AI recruitment platform


“Talent Boost” an initiative of Business Finland ( a part of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland) is an program to attract highly skilled technology professionals to work with companies in Finland. X0PA AI has been identified and engaged by Business Finland for this global program.

X0PA AI’s robotic process automation platform will help speed and improve efficiencies of the workflow and X0PA’s patented algorithms will help identify the best matches to the open jobs in Finland. The algorithms have been specially customised for this initiative and aims to identify professionals who will best adapt to the Finnish market , adjust well and above all will be able to give high performance in their new roles there.

The predictive analytics used by X0PA is based on practical time series historical data from X0PA’s acquisition of Nastrac Group, a global 20 year old executive search company operating in all major markets across the globe. Nina Alag Suri who is the Founder and CEO of X0PA was also the Founder and majority shareholder of Nastrac Group.

The platform is historical and being implemented at the national level. The pilot starts mid April 2019.

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