Zoho Recruit vs CEIPAL vs X0PA

Zoho Recruit vs CEIPAL vs X0PA

Interested in shortening the speed of your recruitment process from months to days and hours? A recruitment software is the best solution to achieve your goals. But with software solutions crowding the market, how do you zero in on the right technology for your needs?

Start with this Zoho Recruit vs CEIPAL vs X0PA comparison to head the right way in choosing the right technology with confidence.


Candidate experience has emerged as a key factor for attracting the best people to work with you. 75% of employees say that they work in their current company due to the positive experience they received during recruitment.

A shorter application process, strong employer brand, and purposeful communication throughout recruitment, are some improvements candidates expect. Part of a positive candidate experience also includes presence of workplace diversity. 83% job seekers rate diversity as a crucial contributor to their job acceptance decision.

With recruitment becoming candidate-focused, the proactive recruiter of today is intent on developing a recruitment process that addresses candidate needs. Technologies in the form of HR automation, AI-driven talent search and data-driven decision-making are becoming commonplace in recruitment.

If you are looking to upgrade to reliable tech to streamline recruitment, then start with this Zoho Recruit vs CEIPAL vs X0PA comparison. Use the in-depth review and comparison of features to make a well-informed decision on your tech choice. 

Zoho Recruit vs CEIPAL vs X0PA

(Source: ZOHO Website)

(Source: CEIPAL Website)

(Source: X0PA Website)

ZOHO Recruit

ZOHO Recruit covers all key hiring tasks integral to your process. From allowing a single-click job publishing on multiple platforms to automating hiring workflows, get all details covered with ZOHO Recruit.

Aimed at staffing companies and internal HR teams, ZOHO Recruit is built to address recruiters’ challenges at every step of hiring.


CEIPAL is perfect to manage the full length of your talent acquisition strategy. From applicant tracking to candidate engagement at every stage, CEIPAL has all features to find top talents faster. 

Advantages of ZOHO Recruit

ZOHO Recruit aims to make recruitment a breezy journey for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. The software comes with features that enable recruiters to address all key candidate expectations with ease and confidence. The recruiting software is designed to deliver its services even while on the go, with its mobile app.

ZOHO Recruit features at a glance

  • Over 75 job board integrations
  • Integration with LinkedIn Easy Apply
  • Branded career websites in 25+ languages
  • Customized web portals for team and client management
  • Social recruiting integration
  • Talent Pools for candidate profile organization
  • OFCCP and EEO compliance
  • Custom candidate assessments
  • Live and 1-way interviews
  • Interview self-scheduling capability for candidates
  • Mobile-friendly candidate portal
  • Automated workflows and autoresponders
  • HR software integration for faster onboarding
  • 50+ business tool extensions
  • Offer letter templates with built-in facility for e-signatures
  • ZOHO Survey to capture candidate feedback

Take your Sourcing Notches Higher

ZOHO Recruit gives you access to 75+ job boards. In addition, there are Source Boosters, which go through resumes on major job portals such as CareerBuilder and Monster. Candidate information is delivered directly to your Recruit dashboard.

Recruit helps you get the most of your sourcing strategy with its customized portals for stakeholder management. The Candidate Portal allows candidates to apply for a job and track its progress. A vendor portal allows employers to communicate and collaborate with transparency.

The client portal helps staffing agencies and recruiters with a single communication hub. This portal comes with an integrated SMS and calling facility.

Branded career sites in multiple languages help employers engage candidates right from the start.

Recruit also facilitates social recruiting by integrating your career sites with your social media accounts.

Save Time with Automated Workflows

With Recruit, you can define and automate hiring workflows to match your preferences. Recruit’s automation handles tasks, alerts, and candidate status updates, among others.

Spend More Time on Candidate Engagement with AI-Screening

Recruit has an AI-ranking system, which delivers qualified candidates to your dashboard fast. Receive comprehensive candidate data from different sources on a single database. You can organize candidate profiles based on industry, skills, location and other parameters, which makes profile review fast and efficient.

Automated OFCCP and EEO compliance ensure fairness in hiring. Recruit also facilitates background check. Screening assessments also focus on candidates’ behavioral attributes. You can also customize reports to understand skill gaps.

Recruit reduces process chaos with transparency into each candidate’s status at any point of time. You can clearly see where a candidate is, in his/ her hiring journey. Recruiters can also view the status of other open jobs.

You can make assessments more customized by integrating Recruit with HireSelect and HackerRank.

Recruit makes interviews more convenient with its options for live interviews and one-way recorded interviews. The platform supports multiple users, which translates into better collaboration.

Candidates can self-schedule interview on the mobile-friendly Candidate Portal. They can manage their application and communicate with your team via this portal.

Getting approvals and speeding up interviews can be a real hassle when there are bulk or multiple openings. Recruit aims to address this problem with its hierarchy priority settings.

In addition, faster communication among stakeholders is facilitated by Recruit’s SMS and calling features.

Customized Reports

You can get information about your recruitment KPIs including job age, time-to-hire, time-to-fill and rate of offer acceptance. No need to source KPIs from different sources or screens. Recruit delivers it on a single screen for your easy view and review.

Make reports comprehensive and simpler with Recruit’s custom report format feature. You can view data in the form of a matrix, summary or tables, for better understanding.

Recruit also empowers you with data to make better recruitment forecasts. You can obtain key information such as team performance, industry trends and economic climate. Get access to recruitment ROI, forecast history and competitive analysis, to sharpen your forecasts.

ZOHO Recruit Pricing

ZOHO Recruit pricing is transparent. Details are available on the website of the recruitment software provider. There is a Forever Free package available for 1 active job. This package offers recruitment basics for staffing startups and freelance recruiters.

Other tiered packages are rated for specific number of jobs – 100 Active Jobs, 250 Active Jobs and 750 Active Jobs. Recruit claims that its Professional package (250 Active Jobs) is a bestseller. Add-ons such as Client Portal and Video Interview features are paid benefits.

Disadvantages of ZOHO Recruit

Users of Recruit cite its user-friendly interface and integrations. These features allow them to employ the solution easily for multiple hiring tasks with all candidate data on one platform. Recruiters are impressed with the efficiency of the platform to bring entire data across the recruitment cycle at one place.

Most ZOHO Recruit reviews offer insights into the solution’s usability and disparate data consolidation features. The platform can perform better with a little upgrade to its features though.

Too Many Features

Recruit is feature-rich, but the many features can make the platform complicated for new users. If you are upgrading to Recruit from an ATS, then the extensive number of features may seem too much. Most recruiters employ only a select pack of these features for most of their recruitment tasks. A feature prioritization criterion would be a great addition.

Room for Improvement in User Functionalities

Recruit can do with more functional features, opine some users. The range of automation can be increased. CV parsing functionality can do with more accuracy. Better User Interface upgrades would make the platform more user-friendly.

The Candidate Portal can be modified for greater brand customization. Recruit does not integrate easily with current user portals, which needs to be improved.

Better Customer Support Needed

Recruit offers users access to help resources such as guides and tutorials. But its premium one-on-one support is available for a cost. The support for free users can be improved.

Is ZOHO Recruit Right for You?

ZOHO Recruit is a tech solution with extensive features for simplifying recruitment. With its tiered approach, Recruit delivers a reliable solution for companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. Recruit is also geared toward making lives easier for recruiting companies.

Consider Recruit if your recruitment strategy involves consistent large-scale hiring. It is also a great addition if you have a stand-alone HR department.

If you want to try a ZOHO Recruit alternative, then you could consider X0PA. A complete AI-powered recruitment tech, X0PA has extensive automation and customization features. Other Recruit alternatives include Comeet, Ascentis and eSkill.

Advantages of CEIPAL

CEIPAL guarantees increased sourcing volume and intelligent candidate matching with its end-to-end solution. CEIPAL offers an AI-powered solution that replicates your workflows seamlessly and delivers a higher quality of hire.

CEIPAL features at a glance

  • Access to 25+ job boards
  • Job board preference settings
  • Specialized passive candidate sourcing
  • Candidate “cloning” for best-fit matching
  • Managed Resume Harvesting for automated sourcing
  • Recruitment-specific CRM
  • 2-way email sync for consolidated view of communications
  • Email Validator to ensure 90% email delivery rate
  • SMS and VOIP integrations
  • Candidate Career Portal

Better Job Marketing and Improved Candidate Targeting

CEIPAL integrates with 25+ job boards, including free and paid portals, delivering greater job visibility. These integrations bring in third-party search capabilities, improving quality and speed of search.

CEIPAL also includes passive candidates in its targeted search using public domains. Candidate information is directly delivered into the recruiter dashboard.

Sourcing candidates is faster and efficient as CEIPAL uses AI ranking. Only candidates with skills matching your job requirements are funneled into your hiring pipeline. This meticulous filtering at sourcing saves recruiters, significant time.

They can move faster into the hiring pipeline.

CEIPAL’s Managed Resume Harvesting brings the profiles of the most qualified candidates into your company database. Profiles are selected from across specified job boards. Credits and spending are managed by CEIPAL AI. Specify the sourcing schedule and focus on other hiring tasks while CEIPAL searches and delivers profiles for your review.

AI-Driven Analytics-Based Screening

CEIPAL’s AI has been designed to give you better insights than a manual process does. CEIPAL analyzes candidates based on not only their resumes but also on behavioral factors.

Candidate skills and learning attributes, and compatibility with workplace values, are evaluated. The best fit is then displayed on your dashboard. With its ability to intelligently analyze candidates, CEIPAL simplifies even complex voluminous recruiting.

CEIPAL comes with in-depth candidate reports as well as guidance tips to best assess a candidate.

Scheduling interviews and conducting them are simpler. CEIPAL has automated workflows that align with your process.

The platform’s support for in-built integration makes video or phone interviewing effortless. You can use any other convenient medium for your interviews.

Collaboration during interviews is facilitated by competencies for multi-scheduling with entire teams, and automated reminders, and real-time note-jotting.

Hassle-Free Onboarding Process for all Stakeholders

CEIPAL’s contribution does not end with a job offer. The platform works continuously beyond the hiring process, bringing its capabilities to placements.

Manage placement efficiently with consolidated information about candidates on one screen. Complete candidate information, from profile history and interview performance to recruiter interactions, are displayed at one place for your review.

Recruitment-Exclusive CRM

This CEIPAL feature facilitates better communications between candidates and recruiters. It enables you to identify top talents, and engage them with automated outreach activities.

With CEIPAL’s automated email workflow creation capabilities, you can simplify and streamline your candidate outreach programs. You can build and maintain a pool of relevant talents more efficiently.

Communications are convenient with CEIPAL’s capabilities for mass emailing and automated alerts and notifications. With a 2-way email sync feature, CEIPAL prevents missing of any candidate-recruiter communications. You can track and retain all communications for ready view and decision-making.

A purposeful Email Validator reviews your email distribution lists and identifies valid emails and subscribers. Your communication emails are delivered to relevant target audience, as a result. Communication is further enhanced with SMS and VOIP integrations.

CEIPAL’s recruitment CRM also includes a candidate-exclusive portal to make candidate engagement easy and better. Candidates can apply through this portal and receive timely alerts regarding relevant job openings.

CEIPAL Pricing

CEIPAL has a transparent pricing with details available for review on its website. The solution is available in its two stand-alone formats – CEIPAL ATS and CEIPAL Workforce. A combination solution is also available. There is an extra cost for add-ons.

Disadvantages of CEIPAL

Users have much admiration for CEIPAL’s extensive integrations with job boards, which makes posting and sourcing easier. Users are also happy with the platform’s simple and easy-to-use user interface.

Most CEIPAL users are satisfied customers using the platform for several years. Still, users feel there are some drawbacks that can be addressed.

Version Upgrades

Beneficial features are removed after some version upgrades. For example, the dashboard view that was available on the home screen disappeared after an upgrade. A more conscious upgrade would be better.

Performance Issues

The platform goes down sometimes, especially after extensive use or implementing mass mail. Integrated platforms sometimes take time to load. Job search filters could be made easier to use. Automatic prioritization of columns during report generation can help save time and efforts. 

Is CEIPAL Right for You?

CEIPAL can be a great addition for mid-sized organizations as well as staffing companies. It has features that are balanced, which makes it perfect for organization with medium hiring needs.

If you are looking for the best CEIPAL alternatives, then there are multiple options. X0PA, for example, is a comprehensive AI-based recruitment software.

From job creation and marketing to assessments, interviews, onboarding and post-hiring candidate engagement, X0PA handles it all. Intelligent automation and high customization make X0PA perfect for staffing companies, start-ups, public sectors, enterprises and universities.

Other CEIPAL alternatives comprise Bullhorn, ZOHO Recruit, JobDiva and AVIONTE.

Why you Should Choose X0PA for your Organization?

The efficacy of a solution becomes evident when it enables you to overcome your existing process challenges and delivers excellent results. In some exceptional cases, the results go beyond expectations. X0PA is one such exception.

What is X0PA?

X0PA is a SaaS solution powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). It has been designed with the primary purpose of accelerating your recruitment process. X0PA aims to deliver substantial savings in time and money while bringing to you the best talents in the world.


Because exceptional businesses are built on a simple foundation – great people that come and work together. And, reaching reliable talents need not be overwhelming.

Clients using X0PA experience an 87% reduction in hiring time and a significant 50% reduction in hiring cost. Given the stats, X0PA is definitely delivering on its promise. Yet another reason to make X0PA your own.

How X0PA is Transforming Recruitment?

X0PA is transforming recruitment by making hard data-driven analytics as the foundation for hiring. When reliable data, not subjective parameters of hiring authorities, form the basis for hiring, any unconscious bias is eliminated. The recruitment process becomes more scientific and objective.

X0PA’s features are meticulously designed to deliver around its core objective of making hiring cost-effective, time-effective and scientific.

X0PA is able to deliver on these objectives with the following abilities:

Rapid Quick Job Board Integrations

You can post jobs on 2000+ job boards with a single click and save substantial works hours and resources. You can leverage existing talent pools (internal employees or past candidates) to reach desired candidates faster. 

X0PA’s skill taxonomy empowers you with the ability to capture relevant candidates, based not on keywords, but on skills. 

This approach ensures that you do not miss out on the right talents. 

Automated Sourcing and AI-Based Screening 

X0PA gives you access to over 250 million candidate profiles. X0PA’s AI and ML (Machine Learning)-based algorithms select candidates based on CV relevance as well as predictive insights. With these AI and ML insights, you can understand candidate personas better.

You get to know reliably how stable and performance-oriented these candidates are likely to be. Such intelligent predictions are not possible even in one-on-one interviews.

Workflow Automations

X0PA incorporates RPA or Robotic Process Automation in various workflows. This feature minimizes manual intervention and the inherent risks of bias and errors in the process. The focus is more on getting to know the candidates and their skills and personality better.

This approach refines recruitment substantially, increasing the chances of obtaining the best-fitment for a role.

Automation is enabled in multiple workflows throughout recruitment, including interview scheduling and candidate email and reference management. Automation also extends to candidate offer management via Docusign integration.

Omni-Channel Communication

X0PA enables you to reach candidates through multiple channels, all manageable from a single platform. X0PA supports phone call, WhatsApp, email, SMS and VOIP integration.

How X0PA Benefits your Organization

Apart from cutting hiring cost and time, X0PA delivers value-adding benefits that boost your brand as an employer. These benefits include:

  • Intelligent automation makes decision-making easier and efficient. Recruitment is faster and bias-free. Candidate experience is improved at every stage.
  • White-labelling and brand personalization at all phases of recruitment keeps candidates anchored to your brand. Extensive customization ability ensures that your brand is never out of candidates’ mind.
  • Constant engagement before and after hiring enables you to build and nurture your own talent pool.
  • X0PA delivers the ability to post multiple jobs, screen thousands of candidates at ease, and interview multiple candidates at once. These features make creating and managing virtual career fairs effortless. So, you are never out of reach of talents. 
  • As a data-driven platform, X0PA offers customizable reporting ability. Share data easily. Get insights into your company’s hiring statistics, attrition rates, and more, with customizable and easy-to-understand reports.

Schedule a demo and know what X0PA can do for you.


Recruitment tech is essential to successful hiring and retention. With the best tech, it is possible to realize your hiring and talent acquisition goals. The best tech also expands the potential of your HR team. You can improve the speed, quality and cost of hire with the best tech in assistance.

Author Bio

With hundreds in email replies, interview scheduling communications and employer feedback, Marlin Jones has firsthand experience in getting work done manually. Her manual HR experience transformed her into an advocate for tech in recruitment.

Jones has reviewed several tech products with her signature wit and honesty. Subscribe to her space to be up-to-date with the latest tech in HR and hiring.

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