Top 10 Corporate Gifting Companies

Top 10 Corporate Gifting Companies

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Corporate gifting is a way of saying thanks to stakeholders that continue to be the reason for your organization’s success. Well-chosen corporate gifts communicate your appreciation and gratitude to your employees, investors, partners, customers

and other stakeholders.

If you are planning your corporate gifting this festive season, then consider these top 10 corporate gifting companies for a delightful experience.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

Technology, processes and bottom lines apart, a business is all about people. People are about relationships. There is a need to maintain positive relationships for the health and success of a company.

Recognizing your people’s efforts and accomplishments in the form of corporate gifting can deliver personal happiness. Recognition also leads to several other unexpected and favorable outcomes.

Nurtures Stakeholder Relationships

Everybody needs appreciation. A note of thanks or a thoughtful word of praise go a long way in creating a good impression in recipients. With thoughtful gifts, recipients get to know that you care enough to recognize them and appreciate their work. These special moments of appreciation and recognition form the base for healthy relationships.

Builds Trust

While a gift in itself may not be enough to build trust, the emotions behind the gift matter to your recipients. A personalized corporate gift evokes memories and connects with the emotions of recipients.

By developing an emotional connect, corporate gifting creates positive memories in the minds of your employees, customers and partners. When there are positive emotions involved, trust ensues.

Facilitates Long-Lasting Relationships

Good productive relationships with investors, employees, vendors and customers, among others, are crucial to form solid long-lasting ties. Quality relationships help you realize your milestones in the short-term and your vision in the long-term. Such relationships are built on trust.

Consistent appreciation facilitated by corporate gifting is a key contributor to building such long-lasting quality relationships. They communicate the respect you have for your stakeholders, which motivates them to put their best efforts always.

Supports Branding

Company branding is as important as building stakeholder relationships. Corporate gifts customized to your brand spread the awareness that you are the reason behind the cheer.

When your employees, partners, B2B vendors, clients and other stakeholders use your thoughtful gifts, they are advertising your brand. Your stakeholders become your brand ambassadors.

When stakeholders share the news or images of your gifts, the brand awareness created is immense. The goodwill that follows is equally immense.

Improves your Qualified Prospect Score

Did you know that 75% of jobseekers assess your brand before applying for a vacancy in your company?

Whether you want to increase your talent pool or expand your customer base, a good corporate gifting strategy can help.

As your brand spreads happiness among existing customers, it garners recognition from new customers. They get to know your brand, logo and your gifts. Well-designed gifts create interest for your brand in customers and other stakeholders.

They also appreciate the thoughtfulness you display in presenting your customers or employees with gifts.

This interest can generate a curiosity for your brand in people around the recipient, which can improve your quality lead score.

Realizes Higher Retention

Given the substantial costs per hire, long-lasting employees are a dream for every recruiter. Corporate gifting can show you the way.

Research shows that appreciation motivates 80% of employees to work harder. Well-designed employee recognition programs can reduce attrition by 31%.

The chances of employees continuing in their job are linked to recognition. Employees that receive recognition are nearly 6 times more likely to continue than those that are not recognized.

Corporate gifting alone may not increase retention. But it can be a great addition to your employee recognition strategies.

Gifting Is Good, but Diligence Matters More

While gifting is great, it needs careful thought and an efficient process to deliver results. A wrong choice of gift or a low-quality gift does more damage than good. Here are some takeaways from a good corporate gifting strategy:

Personalize the Gift

Personalization takes multiple forms. A simple mention of your recipient’s favorite nickname on the gift can instantly create an emotional connect.

Choosing a gift that aligns with the recipient’s objectives makes them feel elated. If a customer has switched to healthy foods, then a gift containing carefully-curated healthy eatables can leave them speechless!

Personalization shows you are investing time in getting to know your team. It also conveys that you do not regard them only as stakeholders. You go the extra mile to learn about them and appreciate them.

Segment Gifts Based on Stakeholder Value

Each stakeholder is unique and so is the value added to the company by each. An efficient corporate gifting strategy employs a tiered approach so that all stakeholders are appreciated.

A C-suite executive, for example, receives a gift commensurate with his/ her contributions to the company. An employee in a junior role is recognized with a unique gift that recalls his/ her value-addition to the role.

Gifting customers is more efficient when the tiered approach is used in combination with customer personas. Your corporate gifting strategy must place high-value clients at a different level while not forgetting high-value prospects and budding customers.

Segment-based gifting ensures that all stakeholders are uniformly appreciated. This approach strengthens ongoing partnerships and nurtures budding relationships.

Detach yourself from the Results

Corporate gifting increases the chances of performance, loyalty and goodwill, but you cannot expect positive outcomes as a rule. Some relationships may flourish beyond your expectations while some may dissolve without a trace.

Fulfil your share of the commitment toward your stakeholders and stay away from expectations of equal returns.

Best Corporate Gift Companies to WOW your Employees this Diwali

Choosing the right gifting company is also part of a solid corporate gifting strategy. An excellent gifting partner shares your commitment and gives you complete peace of mind.

Choose the best corporate gift companies for gifts that are premium in quality, and thoughtful and creative in curation and presentation. There are many top corporate gifting companies in India that have been delighting their clients with well-

designed awe-inspiring gifts.

Here are the top 10 corporate gifting companies that can help you show your appreciation to your stakeholders according to your vision:


IGP operated as earlier. IGP is credited to be the largest multi-category gifting company in India. The company’s festive collection is famous for being one-of-its-kind. The product range consists of cakes, fresh flowers, plants, and gourmet food collections, among others. Gifts are carefully-curated and personalized to requirements.

IGP has a domestic presence in over 300 cities in India. Its global footprint spans 100 countries and is extended with the ability to deliver to 150+ countries. IGP is an authorized partner of Interflora, the largest floral gifting company in the world.

IGP has its headquarters at Mumbai in India. The company’s India offices are spread across Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Lucknow. Its international offices are located in California and Singapore.

Headquarters: Mumbai

Contact: +91-(22) 4343-3333, +91-(22) 3965-0300

Website: IGP


If you want to gift something unique, chocolate-y and brand-y, then discover your gift on Chococraft. Get your company logo and designs imprinted on yummy delicious chocolates!

You can order chocolates of different sizes, shapes and designs. Colors used on chocolates are safe and carry a USFDA approval.

The presentation is made exquisite with a customized wooden box. You can make the gifts more personal for the recipient with a personalized message on the box.

ChocoCraft started its gifting-through-chocolate journey in 2013 when it created its first line of premium chocolate gifts customized to brands. The company has expanded its footprint to include over 200 companies in India and select ones abroad.

Make your appreciation stunning and delicious with ChocoCraft!

Headquarters: New Delhi

Contact: +91 9821 669 229

Website: Chococraft India

Idea Corporate Gifts

From pens, caps, bags, T shirts to Bluetooth speakers, power banks, table tops and more, get your desired personalized gift from Idea Corporate Gifts. The company also deals in 100% branded products.

One of India’s oldest gifting companies, Idea Corporate Gifts has an inhouse team that handles custom printing. You can easily personalize your gifts with your brand logo, design, wishes, or any other content for the recipient.

You can also enhance the visual appeal of your gifts with embossing, embroidery, digital printing or transfer printing. The company itself handles all these services.

Headquarters: New Delhi

Contact: +91 – 8802405406 / 9212285222                                                 

Whatsapp: 8802405406

Website: Idea Gifts 


Blissket is all about making your corporate gifting a bliss for both you and the recipients. The company offers a wide range of products to choose from. Personalized shirts, coffee mugs, wooden collections, travel gifts and electronic gifts, find them all here.

Blissket also offers a premium gifting line. It includes selections such as Cocobroma flavored coffee, premium chocolates, and gift collections from Bombay Shaving Company.

Blissket understands the significance of branding when it comes to corporate gifting. They personalize your gifts with a finesse that imprints your brand in the minds of people that receive or view them.

You can explore their website to find some amazing gifts for your corporate gifting. You can also call them and explain your gifting needs. The team will share ideas about gifts that could be just right for you.

Headquarters: Kandivali East, Mumbai


Website: Blissket


One among the top 10 corporate gifting companies, OffiNeeds grabbed news space for its extensive product range and comfy website. OffiNeeds has been catering to the gifting needs of corporates of every size for over 17 years.

You can find premium gifts in different categories, including home & living, gadgets, apparel, accessories and office tools.

There are products to cater to every price range.

You can create a gifting catalog customized to your choice of products. You can share the clear catalog easily with relevant departments for budget and process approvals.

Headquarters: Bangalore

Contact: +91 8088 009 009


The Giving Tree

If you want to go eco-friendly with your gifting, then The Giving Tree can be your best partner. The company, formerly Craft Corner, was founded in 2002. It was later renamed to project the company’s extensive menu of offerings.

The product range is extensive, comprising office accessories, hardware, bags, apparel, ceramicware, gadgets and knowledge-oriented gifts such as workshops. There are gifts customized to occasions, people, travel, home and more.

The company’s signature collection includes the culture-rich Kalamkari, Phulkari, Kasuti, Bidri and Gond collections, among others. There is also an Instant Gift collection designed to inspire and say thanks in the sweetest ways possible.

Browsing through this eclectic collection is sure to show you multiple ways to express your appreciation.

Headquarters: Bangalore

Contact: +91 98450 87725

Website: the giving tree


Ferns N Petals (FNP) is a classic name in gift-giving. A pioneer in gift-giving, FNP’s journey is inspiring. The company started with a single flower shop in 1994 in New Delhi. It now has 320+ outlets spanning all major cities and towns.

With FNP, get access to an ample variety in gifts at a single destination. Gift premium flowers, plants, cakes, occasion-based décor, chocolates, sweets, food and goodies, gift hampers, personalized gifts, and exclusive experiences.

Headquarters: New Delhi

Contact: +91 9212422000 / 9755-248-248

Website: fnp

Business Gifts

Business Gifts makes bulk ordering simple and easy for corporates. Choose from a range of branded gift items here. The company has an extensive collection in the standard gifts range, including coffee mugs, T shirts, premium pens, personalized calendars and diaries.

Company exclusives such as custom-printed bags, eco-friendly hampers, sector-specific gifts such as pharma gifts, festival, and event-based gifts, are popular. There are attractive price offers too.

Whether you are looking for budget gifts or premium hampers, Business Gifts offers them all!

Headquarters: New Delhi

Contact: +91 90 15 15 16 17



The company is as out-of-the-box as its name. There are gifts for every occasion, from festivities to new inductee welcome kits and influencer boxes. If you are looking to impress an esoteric team, then 5by7 shows the way to do it successfully. Gifts are personalized not just to your logo, but to your culture too!

Experience the peak of merch personalization with 5by7.

Headquarters: New Delhi

Contact: +91 9810100308

Website: 5by7

Consortium Gifts

Consortium Gifts comes with world-class gifts and premium brand partnerships that make your gifts exclusive and special.

With over 22 years of gifting authenticity, Consortium Gifts has carved a name for itself in luxury gifting.

Discover not only the finer and high-end in gifts, but also everything in between!

Gadgets and accessories, apparel, home and kitchen, drinkware, stationery, bags, trophies and mementoes, and mugs, find them all and more. 

Headquarters: Noida

Contact: 7042423790

Website: Consortium Gifts

7 Diwali Gifts for Corporates

Looking to make this Diwali special? Given here are some classic and contemporary gifts that can louden the festive cheer:

·      Assorted dry fruits

·      Surprise hampers

·      Desk essentials

·      Wearable tech

·      Hangable art

·      Eco-friendly singles or assortments

·      Chocolate treats


A successful business is the result of spirited teamwork. Thank your team for their presence in your life and company with timely recognition.

Festive times give you an opportunity to celebrate your team. Integrate corporate gifting into your work culture to ensure the habit cascades through the organization and remains timeless.

This Diwali, say thanks in a way your people love it!

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