The Finest Recruitment Sourcing Channels You May be Missing

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Sourcing is the process of obtaining talent for a job vacancy in your organization. With people being the backbone of an organization, hiring the right people for the right position is crucial.

From locating talents to screening and interviewing them, and making an offer, recruitment journey is complex. Sourcing, in itself, is a major challenge for recruiters. Invention of the Internet and technological advancements have opened a variety of recruitment sourcing channels for recruiters to explore.

An over-availability of choices though can make identification of appropriate sourcing channels an overwhelming task. Here, you can discover some amazing recruitment sourcing channels that can help you hire quality candidates.

You may already have your traditional sourcing channels. You can upgrade your existing sourcing process by integrating these channels, and create a comprehensive recruitment strategy.

Online Job Boards

According to Statista’s online recruitment survey, as much as 1/5th of global hiring happened through applications received on online job boards. Job boards constituted almost 50% of applications received by hiring managers globally.

Online job boards top the charts in recruitment channels with 60% of candidates turning to them to find jobs.

There are multiple benefits to using job boards. They are a cost-effective solution. Your talent pool gets wider as the reach of job boards is wider. With niche job boards, you need not waste time filtering out irrelevant resumes. For example, if you are looking for top channels to recruit tech talent, then The Ladders and can help you.

Job boards give you an excellent opportunity to carry your brand. More than 75% of candidates research an employer’s brand before applying. Companies with outstanding branding attract 50% more quality hires. Given these statistics, job boards become even more valuable.

Most online job boards allow companies to create their company pages and profiles. Job boards have options for logo addition, company brief addition, and custom linking to your website or social media pages. You can leverage these branding features to attract quality talents.


With its powerful network-building capabilities and a wide range of hiring and career tools, LinkedIn is more than just a job board.

Consider some powerful LinkedIn statistics:

·      Over 200 million job applications are submitted on the platform every month

·      45 million candidates log in to the platform every week for job hunting

·      Hiring managers contacted 122 million users on LinkedIn through their profiles for an interview. 35% recruiters say a casual conversation on LinkedIn can land a job.

Got on LinkedIn yet?

Social Media

Approachability and the ability for one-to-one engagement make social media recruitment channel an excellent and efficient tool. Social media facilitates employer branding, imparting powerful hiring advantages for recruiters.

According to a survey by SHRM, use of social media for recruiting is increasing. 84% of companies leverage social media for hiring while 9% plan on including the channel in their recruitment strategy.

Recruiters also share that social media reduces time taken for hiring for top, upper and non-management positions. The platform is equally effective for hiring non-management and hourly employees.

Some key social media platforms you may want to consider include:


With 83% of job seekers active on Facebook, you cannot afford to miss this channel for your recruitment. Between Facebook’s paid ads and campaigns, Facebook Groups, and paid recruiter toolkit, you can be confident of attracting quality talent, faster.

66% of companies are already using Facebook for recruitment. Why do you want to be left behind?


With Google being the world’s largest search engine, recruiters can attract a wider candidate base. Google offers Google for Jobs, which according to the company is the largest job exchange in the world. The service is free if your website is code-adjustable. A fee is essential to use the service without making changes to your website.


A survey by Content Stadium shows 96% recruiters use social media for some aspect of hiring. 43% use twitter for communication.

Twitter’s ability to reach a wider audience makes it an apt platform for hiring. Careers & Marketing was among the top 100 global conversations on Twitter in a span of a year alone.

Features such as the casual ambience of the platform, keywords, hashtags, profiles and bios, make it easy for recruiters to post job requirements. Adding a link to your job pages makes your agenda clear for readers. Videos and images increase job relevance and can attract applications faster.


29% of candidates use Instagram to search for a job. It is also a great platform to widen your reach and improve employer branding. The free photo and text tools available on the platform give an opportunity to create a visual appeal for your brand. Practical features such as location, and search and hashtags, ensures that you are never out of talent options.


Glassdoor is an employer review website. But the aspect of employees sharing their reviews of companies lends a social media facet to the platform. Glassdoor allows job seekers to search for jobs and upload their resumes.

With the platform enjoying a monthly user base of 50 million, you can be positive about attracting a wider talent base.

Given that 90% of candidates on Glassdoor have a university degree, you can also be positive about sourcing only quality candidates.

Glassdoor can be your perfect start to gaining employer brand mileage.


22% of jobseekers use YouTube. Candidates use YouTube mostly to create a video-CV.

YouTube is a potential platform for employers to attract talents. Showcase your strengths, including your vision and values, products/ services, employees and customers. Start conversations with interesting content to keep your candidates engaged.

You can set up your own YouTube channel to create a dedicated space for your company videos and candidate engagement.

Videos about your recruitment process can be a great way of advertising your vacancies. Video extras such as tips to win over recruiters help engage candidates. You can include the links to your YouTube videos in other online and offline job adverts.

Employee Referrals

Referrals are still one of the top ways of hiring. Employee referrals are the #1 way through which candidates get to know about a job opening.

Referrals work for a reason. Employees refer only those candidates they like working with, which facilitates a collaborative ambience. Employees refer candidates they know can fit in the culture. This way, referrals facilitate a healthy work atmosphere.

Referrals are less likely to refer a low-performance candidate as it can affect their own career prospects. Candidates that are hired through referrals are 350% less likely to be terminated. Referral hires are 5 times more likely to stay on their jobs than candidates hired through other methods.

For recruiters, referrals save money, resources and the stress of hiring. These significant recruitment statistics on employee referrals give you more insights on the value of referrals:

·      Organizations can add to their talent pool 10 times by leveraging their employee networks

·      Employee referrals form a top source for attracting quality hires

·      Your employees want to help you through referrals, shows research. So, why not take the help?

Helping friends is the primary reason for 35% of employees that offer a referral. 32% employees refer to help their company. 26% refer so as to demonstrate their value as a colleague. 6% do it for monetary awards and recognition.

Company Website

Your company website is your most effective branding tool. A website is often the first location that candidates visit to assess a company. If you already have a website, include a career opportunities page to attract and nurture candidates.

Include an analytics tool such as Google Analytics to understand how visitors are interacting with the career page. With analytics data, you can understand how your website is performing in sourcing talents.

It is crucial to optimize your website for mobile users. More than 1 billion job searches are conducted every month through mobile devices. For recruiters, mobile devices offer remote accessibility to candidates and realization of a faster and an efficient hire.

Job Fairs

Job fairs and events give you access to an extensive talent pool within a short span of time. You also get to screen and interview candidates immediately. A job fair can give you access to specialized skillsets. For example, a job fair can be one of the top channels to recruit tech talent.

Job fairs and events are a valuable opportunity to develop candidate relationships and nurture them for future recruitments. You can also build your industry network through such events.  

You can go for an online career fair to further expand your reach. With the right virtual platform, you can allow for an efficient and interactive candidate participation, screening and interviewing.

Email Campaigns

With an average open rate of 17 to 28%, emails are one of the most efficient types of recruitment channels. They enable you to reach the right candidates, and engage and nurture them, while allowing you to elevate your employer branding.

An effective email campaign starts with a strong emailing list and clear target audience. You can segment your emailing list based on recruitment criteria such as industry, job title, location and experience. You can then engage each audience segment with tailormade content.  

Personalization elements such as use of first names and incorporation of content useful for the receiver, make emails more genuine.

Overloading your subscriber inbox can lead to your brand getting unsubscribed. Maintain a weekly or bi-weekly email schedule to avoid annoying your candidates. Use subject lines that convey your message purpose.

Email campaigns are an opportunity for employer branding. Give a brief introduction of your company and the vision behind it. Give interesting details about your company culture. You may want to include some visuals or links to your social media pages, for greater impact.

Make your emails mobile-friendly. Always include a call-to-action so that readers know what to do next.

Email campaigns offer you the luxury of review and revisions. You can always better your content and strategies for greater impact.

Internal Recruitment

One of the multiple types of recruitment channels, internal recruitment is the process of choosing from your organizational talent pool. Hiring for a specific position can be through promotion, transfer or referral. Hiring may also be by rediscovering employees through pre-submitted applications.

Internal recruitment has multiple advantages. It gives immediate access to a talent pool, making hiring faster. Onboarding for the chosen candidate consumes less time. This type of hiring leads to improved engagement and loyalty. Candidates become aware that they can expect advancement opportunities if they perform to expectations.

Recruitment Automation – The Key to Efficient, Faster and Cost-Effective Sourcing

Leveraging these recruitment sourcing channels can make your hiring high-quality and efficient. But you can boost your recruitment strategy further with the inclusion of recruitment automation.

Using Artificial Intelligence(AI)-based recruitment automation enhances process efficiency, makes hiring faster, and hiring decisions better. Automation also brings down your recruitment costs significantly.

But what is recruitment automation?

It is the process of automating manual workflows within your recruitment process. With automation, human intervention is reduced and the speed and accuracy of the system improves. You can speed up the talent pipeline with faster decision-making at each stage.

Did you know 88% companies worldwide use AI in some form in their human resources (HR) process.

With a well-developed recruitment automation solution, you can:

·      Source candidates faster, better, and with objectivity. Automated solutions enable you to source talents from a wide pool of platforms. As tasks are automated, any unconscious bias in selection and screening, is removed.

With solutions such as X0PA, you can push-in candidate profiles from traditional sources such as LinkedIn and job portals. In addition, you can source from open-sourced platforms.

As an AI-based solution, X0PA ranks, scores and screens quality candidates. The algorithms are trained to evolve with your changing recruitment needs. This means, you will source only quality talents during each recruitment drive.

·      Build a better talent profile for your organization. With advanced AI and ML (Machine Learning)-based solutions such as X0PA, you can screen talents on multiple relevant parameters.

X0PA, for example, offers an intensive screening process based on technical skills, cognitive skills and even complex behavioral parameters. You can even select candidates based on their likelihood of staying with your company!

·      Bring down your time-to-hire. As multiple tasks are automated, the time taken to select, screen and finalize candidates is drastically reduced.

X0PA uses RPA(Robotic Process Automation)-based across all levels of recruitment, from sourcing to screening, interviewing, job offer, onboarding and post-interview engagement.

X0PA features seamless ATS integrations, asynchronous and interactive video interviewing, automatic interview scheduler and emails, and Docusign integrations, among others. The comprehensive set of features ensures that your process is efficient, fast, and of high-quality, from start to finish. 

In Conclusion

A bad hire can cost you 30% of the amount the employee earns in the first year. Using the right sourcing channels reduces the chances of a bad hire. With the above sourcing channels, you can enormously improve your hire quality, employer branding, candidate experience.

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