Recruiters around the world already know the power of passive candidates. This heavily desirable talent pool often comes with tried and tested experience, little to no competition in recruitment, and sometimes a highly specialised skill set that is much harder to find inactive jobseekers. But how to attract passive candidates?

With research suggesting that passive candidates are more likely to make a strong initial impact upon hiring, it starts to make a compelling case for hiring managers to target those who aren’t actively looking.

The downside is that these candidates are often the hardest to recruit. This is due to the fact they are already in a role or not actively seeking a new job. Therefore, they are not as present on traditional hiring channels. With 70% of the global workforce made up of passive candidates, how do you strategically expand your talent acquisition process to include these highly-prized candidates?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now become a vital solution for recruiters and hiring managers in the battle to locate and attract the best passive candidates. Here are our top 3 ways to make the most out of X0PA AI technologies in passive talent acquisition.

#1 – Automated Candidate Sourcing via AI Sourcing

AI technology is a powerful way to collect and analyse a wide variety of data on passive candidates. This data is available through job boards, social media networks, websites, posts and online resumes. Most professionals nowadays have previously searched or applied for a role online, or are active on professional networks. Using AI to automatically crawl through this data, recruiters can quickly match their criteria to the perfect passive candidates.

So how does X0PA AI Recruiter work? Once you have a job description ready, this intelligent solution will pull a qualified list of highly-suitable active and passive candidates from over 40 open-sourced platforms, and then funnel them straight into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Rather than searching manually through LinkedIn and old resumes, recruiters can now get access to more than 750 million profiles instantly. This method objectively matches candidates against specific criteria to ensure best-fit.

For even more insights, once candidates are available in the pipeline, they score based on the relevance of their CV, loyalty and performance metrics. Recruiters can even actively provide feedback on the suitability of the candidate profiles recommended. Machine Learning algorithms can then adjust and fine-tune future search results to specific user preferences.

#2 – Retarget former applicants fast

Former applicants are a commonly overlooked talent pool just waiting to be tapped into. Because these individuals were interested in your company previously, there is a higher chance of response. It’s not unusual in the hiring process for CVs of previously unsuccessful candidates to be discarded or just put aside, with no future considerations. Utilising AI gives recruiters the ability to quickly sort through a company’s existing database of CVs. This will allow recruiters to detect and zoom in on suitable former applicants for current job offerings.

X0PA’s AI Recruiter uses advanced analytics to tap into a company’s existing talent pool to surface credible candidates. Through AI-powered retargeting, unsuccessful past applicants automatically receive recommendations for other roles that could be a better fit. The AI scores candidates in the existing talent pool based on X0PA’s patented algorithms. Hiring managers then receive a list of strong candidates. Candidates’ scores are based on CV relevance to the job, loyalty and predictive performance metrics.

#3- Identify the perfect profile on LinkedIn and find similar candidates

Found someone you think is perfect for the role but they are not available? Or are you looking for similar profiles to this perfect profile? Using X0PA AI Recruiter, you can actually “clone” their LinkedIn social profile and automatically find other ideal candidates on LinkedIn with similar profiles and skills. This revolutionary way of searching for talent empowers any hiring manager to find perfect candidates in a matter of seconds. Once selected, add these candidates to your talent pool for future follow-up!

So there you have it: our top 3 ways to make the most of X0PA AI’s Recruiter to find potential passive candidates. Now, reach out and talk to them! 

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