SmartRecruiters VS Greenhouse

SmartRecruiters VS Greenhouse

Need a recruiting software that can improve your hiring but are confused about choosing the right one? Check out this comparison of some efficient technologies out there, before making a decision.


Recruiters of the modern workspace are more technology-aware. They realize that inclusion of technology would enhance their performance and not replace them. They do not, as a result, view technology as a threat. Instead, they view recruitment technology as a process and experience enhancer.

Technologies such as automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) already exist in recruitment in one form or the other.

With automation technologies, HR departments are able to save 14 hours every week. 50% of organizations are already employing AI to improve their talent sourcing, screening and interview scheduling workflows.

AI chatbots have become a staple for candidate onboarding and engaging talents beyond the process of hiring. This engagement presents companies an opportunity to build and nurture exclusive talent pools to meet future talent needs.

Use of AI in recruitment is also key to minimizing unconscious human bias in screening, hiring and talent acquisition strategies.

90% HR experts say that today’s talent market is more candidate-driven. Technologies that help recruiters deliver custom-built candidate experiences are imperative in this candidate-intensive ambience.

Here, we present a comparison between two such recruiter-friendly technologies. If you are considering upgrading your recruitment, then discover key insights in this SmartRecruiters VS Greenhouse comparison. You may want to use these insights to make a well-informed decision while partnering with a recruitment technology provider. 

SmartRecruiters VS Greenhouse

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(Source: SmartRecruiters Website)


SmartRecruiters is a recruitment software that provides you with rich resources to manage different aspects of recruitment. From sourcing talent to selecting the best candidates and hiring them, SmartRecruiters helps you at every stage.

But the benefits extend beyond hiring. SmartRecruiters delivers talent acquisition capabilities to keep your internal and external talent pools mobilized.

SmartRecruiters is ideal for collaborative hiring with its open marketplace for independent recruitment vendors. SmartRecruiters operates on a cloud-based platform.


If you are looking for a SmartRecruiters alternative, then you may want to consider Greenhouse. With its features for applicant tracking, reducing bias in hiring, and enabling candidate engagement, Greenhouse stands as an able competitor.

Greenhouse facilitates automation through different stages of recruitment, which reduces workload for your recruiting and hiring teams. The platform features a functional dashboard presenting all required data and reports for informed decision-making. The tools also ensures legal compliance and data safety. 

Advantages of SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is a full-functional recruitment software with a heavy focus on candidate engagement. The software has marketing tools that help you gain visibility for internal and external job postings.

There is an applicant tracking tool for parsing applicant CVs and selecting the right fit. An extensive selection of collaboration tools helps you identify the best hire for your company.

Here is a SmartRecruiters recruiting software review, including feature descriptions, to help you make a well-informed technology decision.

SmartRecruiters features at a glance:

·      In-built applicant tracking system

·      Job postings on multiple job boards and social media

·      Customized interview scorecards

·      Automatic interview scheduling

·      Customized auto-responder

·      One-click application ability

·      Controlled access setting

·      Mobile compatibility for job application, hiring and candidate engagement

·      Customized and consistent branding

·      Review sharing capability

·      Employee referral portal

This full-length recruiting software packs in some key advantages that can be quite valuable for organizations. 

SmartRecruiters enhances the quality of existing recruiting process while making organizational hiring future-ready.

A Comprehensive Solution

SmartRecruiters enriches every step of your recruitment process, which makes it a comprehensive solution for your recruitment strategy. It gives you a reliable solution for diverse recruitment goals, including:

·      Tracking applicants

·      Promoting job roles

·      Sourcing candidates

·      Assessing candidates 

·      Facilitating collaborative hiring

·      Managing hiring and offers

·      Ensuring recruitment compliance

·      Enabling mobile recruitment

·      Employing data insights in recruitment

·      Improving candidate experience

High Usability

SmartRecruiters does not demand a steep learning curve. It is easy to use with its simple and intuitive interface. You can create customized workflows and automate hiring tasks.

You can easily customize the interface to represent your brand and automate desired workflows. You can design brand-representative templates on demand. 

SmartRecruiters provides a single point of operation for all recruitment activities. This centralization makes it easier for different teams, including hiring managers and recruiters to collaborate better.

SmartRecruiters comes with an in-built troubleshooting capability that quickly identifies and isolates problematic components and resolves them automatically. 

Higher Volume of Talent Sourcing

SmartRecruiters expands your sourcing canvas with direct sourcing, social sourcing, and mobile-optimized career site-building capabilities. The software’s one-click apply process adds makes it easier for recruiters to retain candidate interest.

You can save additional costs on job advertising and sourcing.

Objective AI-Based Screening

In-built applicant tracking capability screens candidates based on AI-based algorithms, which reduces human bias. Full-length candidate profile extracted from candidate scorecards, feedback and interviews, is available to hiring and recruiting teams. This on-demand access to candidate insights aids in better assessments and hiring decisions. 

Automated Offers and Onboarding

SmartRecruiters’ hiring tools manage tasks such as making an offer and onboarding with efficiency. On offer acceptance, these tools manage onboarding logistics, including obtaining approvals and signatures.

All relevant data are recorded and integrated with your HR systems. Hiring performance metrics are calculated and insights shared, all through a single platform. 

Facilitates Meticulous Talent Engagement

Automated customized communications, including opt-in job alerts and recommendations, keep you in the minds of your past candidates. Recruiters can stay connected with past talent matches and build talent pools.  

Compliance Management

You can ensure recruitment process compliance with SmartRecruiters’ regulatory compatibility with 100+ countries. There are several compliance-facilitating features including in-built reporting tools and customizable data capture and retention settings.

You can automate compliance report generation to address legal and compliance audit requirements. 

Data Security

You can set data regulatory requirements according to local laws for data security. SmartRecruiters has a Global Compliance Module for data security. The software can also guide applicants on their rights.

SmartRecruiters allows you to maintain candidate data history for on-demand reference and analysis. The software’s data security features ensure that candidate data is kept secure. 

Easy Scalability

Businesses grow and do their talent needs. SmartRecruiters is built to adapt to your growth. It can easily be scaled to meet any volume and complexity of talent needs. 

Seamless Integrations

Integration with internal systems can be time- and cost-intensive. SmartRecruiters addresses this issue by facilitating smooth integrations with 350+ apps and systems.

Customized SmartRecruiters Pricing

SmartRecruiters offers a customized pricing according to the package applicable to a company. SmartRecruiters pricing is also dependent on the employee strength of an organization. A free consultation is available to get your customized pricing. 

Disadvantages of SmartRercruiters

SmartRecruiters is a great recruiting tool with a simple clean interface. It automates key recruitment tasks and facilitates improved communication between hiring and recruitment teams. There is a useful candidate rating system and seamless connection to Microsoft Teams.

Still, SmartRecruiters can make some improvements.

Room for Greater Usability

While the software is uber-functional, infusion of details such as ability to parse resumes through Outlook can enhance usability further. Editing job descriptions feature can do with more clarity. Automatic updates would be a great addition as it would save time on having to re-publish entire field descriptions. 

Need for Better Candidate Profile Management

More flexibility in candidate CV uploading would be great. For example, a facility that enables candidates to upload multiple relevant documents without having to go to the main description again would be pretty useful.

Duplication of data can be reduced with better candidate profile management. For example, say a candidate applies for multiple jobs and is hired for one. His/ her availability for other positions needs to be closed automatically to avoid duplication and misleading information.

The interface can be more intuitive with better drop-down menus that would minimize manual inputs. 

Allowance for Free Postings

SmartRecruiters’ access to a range of sourcing channels is great. But it would be great if visibility on social media and other job aggregator platforms is made free.

Is SmartRecruiters Right for You?

SmartRecruiters is a great solution that makes hiring simpler and efficient. As it is customized, it works best for small and medium-sized companies as well as enterprises.

If you are looking to upgrade your entire recruitment process with a future-ready solution, then SmartRecruiters is for you. It is also a great tool to address aggressive hiring goals.

If you are looking for SmartRecruiters alternatives other than Greenhouse, then there are some equally-fascinating options. You may want to explore SmartRecruiters competitors such as X0PA, Jobvite and Zoho Recruit.

Advantages of Greenhouse

Great customization and transparency are some solid features of Greenhouse ATS. The software automates your hiring activities and increases your control over every aspect of hiring.

Here a glance at the various features of Greenhouse (Features vary according to Greenhouse pricing package):

·      Access to a wide range of job boards

·      Applicant tracking

·      Customizable emails and career pages

·      Easy-to-read reports for 30+ core recruitment tasks

·      Core task reporting

·      Seamless report integration with Google Sheets or other business intelligence platforms 

·      Support for multiple languages for personalized candidate communications

·      Name Pronunciation, Nudges and Scorecard features for DEI support

·      Designed for 300+ tech integrations

·      Personalization tokens for candidate outreach

·      Automated onboarding

·      Scalable workflow configurations

·      Event management

·      Compliance compatibility

·      Data security

·      A scalable solution 

Greenhouse offers a single platform for recruiters to manage entire recruitment and candidate engagement beyond hiring. It packs in multiple features that function to improve your existing recruitment tasks, from sourcing through hiring and onboarding.

Greenhouse aims to help you reach top talents faster, conduct unbiased interviews, and simplify onboarding. 

Manage all Stages of Recruiting

From sourcing to screening and hiring, Greenhouse travels the process with you. The ATS benefits recruiters at all stages with the following benefits:

·      Improves sourcing with access to over 1, 000 job boards. You can select preferred job boards based on their performance.

Obtain contact information of prospects. Automate and personalize communications while reaching out to prospects. Reminders and notifications ensure that you are in touch with prospects. Monitor prospect relationships over time. 

·      Ensures a fair hiring process by pre-preparing candidates with interview-guiding resources. Enables recruiters to prepare a candidate scorecard for a fair evaluation by interviewers.

·      Facilitates interview self-scheduling by candidates. Enables recruiters to measure candidate experience with automated surveys.

·      Promotes improved collaboration between hiring and recruiting teams. Recruiting teams can capture essential information from hiring teams for promoting new jobs by setting up relevant features.

All candidate information, from prospect to hiring level, can be viewed by multiple teams on the same platform. Easy information-sharing makes collaboration easier.   

·      Use key metric measurement reports for insights into team performance. Improve processes based on AI-driven predictive process analysis. Share and review reports easily with seamless integration of Greenhouse with existing systems. This ease of sharing makes data available on demand and facilitates sound decision-making. 

·      Is scalable. Paves way for simpler management of prospect data at career events with its Events app. 

·      Allows for seamless integration with your existing tech.

Automate Onboarding

Greenhouse makes your onboarding simpler and efficient with its ability for customization and automation. These features convert into multiple benefits, including:

·      Faster and early onboarding. Offer timely and personalized guidance to new hires with automated messages. Automate tasks such as team introductions, and company policies and culture walk-throughs.

Candidates will feel the familiarity of onboarding as the platform is customized to your brand. 

·      Ensure seamless communication across all onboarding stakeholders. Greenhouse keeps all relevant teams and members on the same page regarding new hires. 

New hires can be ably guided on their next steps through the platform. You can use the same platform to deliver relevant documents to new hires and get their signatures. 

Internal team members, including remote teams, can be updated about their role and tasks in onboarding through the platform. There are alerts and reminders to keep team members notified. 

·      Get all relevant candidate information in your Greenhouse Onboarding platform from Greenhouse Recruiting. Save time and resources on paperwork. Gather new hire feedback on your onboarding process using metric reports. 

Talent Engagement through Automated Sourcing

Sourcing automation is a recent feature added to Greenhouse Recruiting subscription. This feature allows for seamless integration of talent information with your existing CRM system.

Some key benefits of this feature include:

·      Import prospect contact information into your CRM

·      Automated information drops directly into your Chrome extension from candidates’ LinkedIn resumes

·      Leverage email campaign editor for your candidate outreach programs

·      Customize candidate outreach emails with personalization tokens

·      Organize campaigns with automated email schedules 

·      Get access to an email coach feature for guidance on improved email deliverability into candidate inboxes

·      Get in-depth reports on your candidate outreach performance and sourcing efficiency

·      Unify sourcing data and hiring data for data-driven insights 

Greenhouse Pricing

Greenhouse pricing is structured with different packages available for different hiring needs. Pricing also depends on a company’s size.

Essential, Advanced and Expert are the different packages available to SMBs as well as enterprises. A Greenhouse Account Executive is available to help you choose the right package according to your needs.

Disadvantages of Greenhouse

Greenhouse scores high on customization. As an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), it gives great transparency into your hiring process. You can easily scan the hiring pipeline to see where each candidate is, in the process. You can implement actionable steps to add momentum to the process where needed.

But there are some areas where the solution can do better.

Difficult to Deploy

As a full-length solution, Greenhouse presents some difficulty in deployment. While help resources are available, options such as live training would be immensely helpful. The platform can also do with a more intuitive design, which would minimize manual inputs.

Hiccups in Candidate Management Features

The platform offers features for a positive candidate experience. But some minor details influence the overall experience. The candidate profile section, for example, does not have basic text formatting tools. 

Need for Better Direct Technical Support

While Greenhouse is supported by an excellent knowledgebase, the team’s in-person support can do better. Support response can be quicker.  

Is Greenhouse Right for You?

If you are looking for a solution that can improve your overall recruitment, then you might want to consider Greenhouse. 

There is no free trial here. You will have to commit before you can use the solution.

Greenhouse is best for large enterprises or small businesses with an aggressive recruitment strategy. If your business requires frequent hires, then this is a solution you can rely on. 

Some Greenhouse competitors include X0PA and Jobvite, considered best by many recruiters. You may want to try these solutions if you are looking for a Greenhouse alternative other than SmartRecruiters.

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Businesses are increasingly exploring technologies that can simplify recruitment and help capture skilled talents faster. With their multiple features, SmartRecruiters and Greenhouse offer great opportunities for improved sourcing, hiring and candidate engagement.When deciding on SmartRecruiters VS Greenhouse, it is important to compare all key features applicable to your process.

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