Recruitment Trends to Pay Attention to for Hiring Great Talent

The backbone of any successful business is its employees. Building an efficient talent pool helps companies stand strong in the market even in adverse conditions. But how to get the desired talent pool for acquisition? 

Every year recruitment teams identify the issues and gaps in their organization and address them by re-evaluating the management system and hiring new talents by traditional process. But if organizations want to have an advantage over other competitors in the market, they need to rethink their conventional approach and start following market trends in talent acquisition. It will prepare them better to face challenges and recruit the best talent. 

With that thought, the following are the top 7 recruitment trends in 2022 that every employer must explore.

Top 7 recruitment trends to look out for in 2022

Companies who are looking for the best talents to join their organization must explore the top 7 recruiting trends of 2022 mentioned below:

Virtual recruitment

Virtual recruitment is the new normal. It can be a huge success if done the right way. Although companies have dabbled with remote assessments in the past, the realities of COVID-19 lockdown have urged the recruiters to establish an end-to-end virtual recruitment and onboarding process for the first time. It has enabled recruiters to screen more candidates in a limited timeframe, saving both time and cost required in the process. 

Recruiters can also use online assessment tools and AI-based platforms in virtual hiring to eliminate bias in the hiring process. Virtual recruitment increases the reach of the company. The applications often looked over because of the candidate’s location also become potential hires when interviewed virtually.

Employee value proposition

Employee value proposition or EVP is a collection of unique ideas that benefit recruiters to attract and retain desired talent. EVP captures the essence of a company in terms of work environment, culture, career, compensations offered, and benefits that it provides to its employees. As a part of EVP, companies need to establish a solid onboarding process, helping their candidate-turned-employees be in touch with the employers even during pre-boarding. It strongly and positively impacts the company’s reputation and builds employees’ trust in the work culture. Stats are also in favor of this belief, as 83% of the candidates say that it greatly improves the overall experience if employers show active participation in the hiring process and provide a clear timeline for the same.

AI-based talent acquisition

AI-based talent acquisition has seen an evident rise in demand, especially in companies that prioritize quality hiring and workplace diversity. AI-based recruitment platforms reduce both the cost and time required for screening candidates.

According to a recent report, more than 50% of HR organizations are already using AI for recruitment. Major ways in which AI is helping talent acquisition include:

  • Candidate engagement
  • Applicant assessment
  • Predictive analysis
  • Employee onboarding

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Data-centric recruitment

Data-based recruitment directly impacts the quality of hires. It helps companies attract and retain the right talent for their organizations. And we will all agree that getting competent talent onboard at the right budget is a prerequisite to any successful company. The data-centric approach allows employers to gain insight into the potential candidate’s efficiency. And when you have tangible facts and supporting stats, it helps recruiters make an informed decision reducing the risk factor to the minimum.

HR outsourcing

As more and more companies have opted for remote operations with a distributed workforce, outsourcing HR functions has gained popularity. HR outsourcing allows companies to avail the same services as provided by the in-house department without investing as much. Even if companies are not willing to completely rely on external HR services, they can choose to outsource only some aspects of the HR activities and roles in the company. This way, companies can create custom solutions for the organization based on their needs.

D&I prioritization

Companies are focusing on building diverse teams to boost their performance. Diversity & inclusion or D&I is a trending approach that has piqued the interest of many organizations. D&I and equity strategies have also evolved over the years to make measurable advances in business.

After many years, diversity finally got recognized as an accountable factor in business growth. 77% of talent acquisition professionals believe that diversity is the future of recruiting. D&I is not a “feel-good initiative” but an imperative criterion for establishing a successful business. After the pandemic, the demand for remote work and distributed workforce increased exponentially, subsequently expanding available talent pools. D&I’s recruiting approach will diversify the pipeline of candidates and restructure the hiring process with reduced bias and data-driven reporting.        

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Gamification in recruitment

Gamification in recruitment uses game mechanics to evaluate potential candidates. Using this concept, companies can add quizzes and behavior-based challenges to determine the ability of the applicants for the job.  

Tools to stay ahead in the market

For guaranteed success, the companies need to build a solid foundation for themselves by hiring the right talent. And to make this possible, there are solutions available in the market that one can use to streamline the entire hiring process – right from arranging interviews to carrying out assessments. One such platform is XOPA AI. 

XOPA AI is an intelligent hiring and selection platform. It utilizes AI, ML, and RPA to source, score, and rank the candidates to help companies find their best-fit candidates. Professionals from any sector, whether it be academia, SME, government institutions, or enterprises, can leverage this platform for streamlined and transparent talent acquisition. If this is something that you are looking for, kindly connect with us at XOPA.

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