Talent Acquisition: Hire Faster and Engage Candidates More with AI

As a talent acquisition professional, you’ve probably been in this scenario a number of times…

You’ve found a candidate (or a few) that could be a great fit for the role you are hiring for. Unfortunately, your window for hiring is small. Maybe they weren’t actively looking for a job and you’ve got them curious to learn more. Or maybe they are already speaking to multiple recruiters. Whatever the case, you need to move swiftly to avoid losing them. So once you’ve reached those potential candidates, how do you keep the ball rolling quickly to get them screened, interviewed and hired? 

During ‘The Great Resignation’, recruiters are dealing with intense competition for talent. Hiring processes therefore need to be fast to ensure you don’t lose the perfect applicants to another employer. This is where AI-powered talent acquisition tools can really help to speed things up. The main goal for a recruiter is finding the balance between automating some hiring tasks for speed, and those tasks that need the all-important human touch. So let’s look at some of the ways you can use AI to accelerate your talent acquisition.  

Revamp your interviewing process with one-way recorded interviews

The amount of time employers spend on interviews has almost doubled since 2009, according to research from Glassdoor. Therefore, it’s time to get smart about how you conduct them. By using a one-way recorded interview process in the early stages of screening you can easily and objectively interview multiple candidates at once. 

By using X0PA ROOM, candidates are seamlessly invited and their responses assessed by both the AI for intelligent insights and then reviewers from the hiring team. Multiple members of the hiring team can be added as reviewers. This ensures a timely and fair process in advancing applicants to next stages. 

This is not only a powerful way to host your first set of interviews, but also a far more inclusive screening process. X0PA ROOM features video masking technology to avoid many personal biases, including appearance bias. Ultimately, this can lead to far more diversity in candidates. 

Use automated skills assessments 

Pre-employment testing and assessment tools can help talent acquisition professionals minimise hiring time. Additionally, it can help select the most qualified individual who best fits the organisation. As mentioned in SHRM, there are many types of selection tools and test methods for employers to consider. 

X0PA ROOM allows hiring managers to take advantage of virtual hybrid assessments. This could be a mix of written, multiple choice or video assessments. This is another equitable and inclusive feature that uses uniform grading with automated scorings, rankings and pass/fail features. 

By assessing multiple candidates at once, employers can take advantage of faster screening and intelligent evaluation of an applicant’s ability to do the job. 

Automate manual hiring tasks for faster talent acquisition and more engagement

Once you have applicants interested, you want their experience to be seamless. Especially when it comes to those parts of the hiring process that are typically manual and time-consuming for talent acquisition professionals.  

X0PA’s AI Recruiter uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for various processes such as interview workflow automation and scheduling, automated candidate emails and candidate references, as well as sending job offers via the integration with Docusign. This streamlining and removal of time-consuming tasks can greatly speed up hiring. 

Moreover, these automated touchpoints can significantly increase the candidate’s recruitment experience as they continuously receive updates throughout various stages of hiring.

Now is the time to move faster and smarter for the candidates you want

By making the most of automation, talent acquisition professionals can reduce the amount of manual tasks. This will help them focus on those human elements that matter, like face-to-face interviewing. AI-powered hiring tools can also help automatically test and screen for matching skills, reduce human biases and increase inclusivity, leading to more diverse workplaces. Recruiters can also engage more with candidates throughout the process by automating certain responses and updates. All of this means happier and more connected candidates, with faster and more cost-effective hiring for recruiters.

Find out now how you can speed up your talent acquisition with X0PA AI

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